Education nominations for RPGF2

I would like to nominate IC3 for RetroPGF2.

  • The projects name: The Initiative for CryptoCurrencies and Contracts (IC3)
  • A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack:
    IC3 is an initiative of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Cornell Tech, EPFL, ETH Zurich, UC Berkeley, University College London, UIUC and the Technion. IC3 leads multidisciplinary research and members publish peer reviewed research in many areas of blockchain systems relevant to the functioning and future of the OP Stack. Areas of research have included oracles, NFTs, ordering protocols, consensus, governance, rollups, privacy, and more. All research funded by IC3 is open source. IC3 produces research blog posts, papers, and hosts research events (see all at

Some recent work relevant to the OP Stack (links can all be found on the IC3 website publications page):

  • K. Babel, P. Daian, M. Kelkar, and A. Juels. Clockwork Finance: Automated Analysis of Economic Security in Smart Contracts
  • S. Werner, D. Perez, L. Gudgeon, A. Klages-Mundt, D. Harz, and W. Knottenbelt. SoK: Decentralized Finance (DeFi). SBC, 2022.
  • NFT work summarized in this Tweet thread by Ari Juels:
  • Z.Ye, U. Misra, D. Song: Towards Trust-minimized Blockchain Execution Scalability with EVM-native Fraud Proofs
  • A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter: @initc3org on Twitter