[DRAFT] Support missions that should deploy OP stack for testing

Hi @jackanorak It’s hard to estimate while dependencies are in development. We will estimate using our sense utilizing NumbaNERD style estimation.

  • Easy - Low context work | 420 OP
  • Medium - Some context or specific skill required | 1420 OP
  • Hard - High context or complex understanding required | 2420 OP

For Economic Co-design of Gas Fees for the OP Stack:

  • Implement OP stack configuration generation from the dashboard - Hard - 2420 OP
  • Implement dynamic gas fee configuration - Hard - 2420 OP
  • Implement using OP token as a gas fee (If needed) - Hard - 2420 OP
  • Integrate OP stack deployment with gas fee parameters from co-design dashboard into Upnode Deploy - Hard - 2420 OP
  • Deploy a demo OP stack - Medium - 1420 OP

For Scry Protocol - Fully Decentralized and Independent Oracle and Data Infrastructure

  • Implement permissionless Oracle deployment into an OP stack chain - Hard - 2420 OP
  • Integrate Oracle deployment to Upnode Deploy - Hard - 2420 OP
  • Deploy a demo OP stack - Medium - 1420 OP

For Opclave

  • Deploy Opclave OP Stack - Medium - 1420 OP
  • Deploy Account Abstraction Bundler and Paymaster - Medium - 1420 OP
  • Enable OP stack deployment with secp256r1 in Upnode Deploy - Medium - 1420 OP

For a total of 21,620 OP

If deploy a permanent testnet, it need more work to be done

  • Redundant deployment of geth - Medium - 1420 OP
  • Active-Standby deployment of other components - Hard - 2420 OP

Deploying permanent testnet for many OP stack chains would yield very high infrastructure cost too. So, we change from deploy permanent testnet of OP stack chains to support the experiment since we can support more with less infrastructure cost and greater impact.

For Upnode deploy system proposed in grant proposals, we estimated that it would take 8 man-months to fully develop and test.

We will put some of this into our grant proposal and lower our grant size a little bit to reach a higher Grant size score. We will update our grant proposal tomorrow.

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