[DRAFT][SO2 Committee Proposal: NFTs & Gaming: Group A]

Committee category: NFT & Gaming Committee

In line with the recent introduction of governance committees, this committee will lend its expertise to review NFT and Gaming related proposals. NFT categories include but are not limited to Art, Identity, Social Graphs, and Metaverse. For each proposal we will provide a summary of our research and findings as well as a voting recommendation for Optimism Token House delegates and the general community.

As NFT and Gaming Committee members we are highly community oriented in everything we are involved in and this endeavor will be no different. We intend to use the platforms we are lucky enough to have in order to be strong brand ambassadors for all of Optimism Governance. We feel that by educating the public about OP governance we will encourage more active participation as well as further delegation of $OP tokens. We feel these are both important metrics to improve as both have been tracking downward since launch.


Example proposals which would fall under our committees purview of NFTs & Gaming projects with ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards:

Play to Own NFT gaming project: Dope Wars
Play to Earn NFT gaming project: Dragonia

Additional NFT & Gaming Committee Value Add Propositions:

Committee member jrocki.eth has facilitated open and in-depth discussions with many NFT/Gaming projects on The Web3 Experience Podcast. Featured guests have included: Optipunks, Quixotic, Dragonia, Cryptovania, Putty Finance, Dope Wars, Battlefly, Alchemy, Sweets NFT marketplace and Dr. Campbell, author of “Defi and the Future of Finance”

NFTs are public goods funding flywheels in perpetuity:

  1. As much a 50% of the mint price of NFT projects on Optimism are donated directly to public goods funding

  2. A percent of NFT transaction volume in perpetuity goes directly towards public goods funding facilitated by fees from the NFT marketplaces and or the project itself)

  3. All transactions on Optimism fund public goods (This is the profit (MEV) from the sequencer

NFTs bring in a new class of users who would not have otherwise been exposed to Optimism (Users here for DEFI rewards are much different than NFT users (ex. gaming & art)

Lastly, the stickiness of NFTs and gaming projects will keep users in the ecosystem for a long time. Literally nothing is more sticky than an NFT (piece of art or in-game property). You ever become emotionally attached to your NFT?

Case Study: Zapper partially funded their own project development in perpetuity by investing in and building their own Zapper NFTs… then gamifying them

Proposed number of committee members:


Who will be the committee lead?


Who will be the committee reviewers?




    Coming from a technical engineering background, Michael runs “The Blockchain Guy” youtube channel which focuses on non-hype education on crypto and web3. He has been heavily involved in OP governance and has made educational videos on Optimism’s RPGF, governance model, as well as summary videos for each round of voting. He is focused on utility use cases of NFTs such as Identity and Social Graphs. He is also a contributor to Optimism’s codebase.


    I from a Tradi-fi background, started as a developer and now working as a PM mostly focusing on consulting and slowly moving into web3 space, mostly active on this gov forum and our gov-general channel on our Discord.

    Apart from this, I have contributed to two projects on Optimism, I was alpha tester of Lyra platform and the second project is Layer2DAO where I participated at the initial step of their Phase 0 proposal.

    Finally, I like my cute bunny pfp. Optimistic Bunnies are the very first NFT project on the OP chain and I do hangout in their discord from time to time.

Voting history, voting participation rate and % of votable supply held by each committee member:

Jrocki.eth - 92.3% voting participation, .03% Voting Wt

Butterbum.eth - 100% voting participation, 0.41% Voting Wt

FractalVisions.eth - 0% voting participation, 0.01% Voting Wt *

Michael - 49% voting participation, 0.25% Voting Wt **

OPUser - 100% voting participation - 0.53% Voting Wt

* New delegate
** Missed rounds 1 & 2 but has since made active contributions, including video summaries for each round of voting (example)

Please disclose any and all conflicts of interest committee members may have:

Jrocki.eth - I love Optimism too damn much & I co-host a podcast heavily focused on the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem

ButterBum.eth - Has a community roll in Dope Wars DAO

FractalVisions.eth - We are a collective of NFT artists on Optimism protocol

If any committee member has a conflict of interest, they will not participate in the committee review on that proposal. When appropriate, they will also excuse themselves from discussion participation.

Please outline the decision making framework the committee plans to use to make recommendations:

This committee will provide a summary of all relevant research completed by committee members as well as a voting recommendation for each proposal formally submitted related to NFTs (ERC-721 & ERC-1155), as well as Gaming. NFT categories include but are not limited to Art, Identity, Social Graphs, and Metaverse. All this material will be made publicly available.

In addition to the above, from time to time we will offer the opportunity for projects submitting a proposal to join us on “The Web3 Experience Podcast” to discuss their proposal. For an example of how the podcast discussion will be structured see the Dope Wars episode

The NFT & Gaming Committee will consider the following metrics when making a recommendation:

  • The ROI potential of funding each proposal (we want to use our $OP as efficiently as possible. The winner of the L2 wars will be decided ultimately by how efficiently the network can allocate capital)
  • Is the proposal prescriptive enough to prevent mis-use of $OP token funding and does it drive sustainable ecosystem growth?
  • Amount of OP requested (with ROI taken into account)
  • Whether or not the project has launched on Optimism (and if OP native)

Please describe how the committee will operate:

A private group on Discord will be created for committee members to discuss each proposal. Once all queries have been raised , the committee will decide its recommendation by a simple majority vote. A committee member will draft a brief summary and recommendation utilizing a Notion workspace allowing for other committee members to comment and edit before publishing.

  • We will publish our recommendations for voting under a NFT & gaming committee thread within the Optimism forum
  • If the timing works out we will also share our findings and recommendations during our weekly Web3 Experience Twitter Spaces each Monday at 7pm ET.

One question you may be asking yourself with this proposal right now is why does no one on the committee or the committee lead have the required threshold of .5% needed in order to submit a proposal?

My answer to this is that there are only 36 people in the world right now that meet that high of a threshold and I reached out to most of them trying to get this committee together. Most of them had too much going on and could not fully commit (understandable) or they were too worried about conflict of interest backlash.

So two days ago I decided that giving the NFT and gaming communities on Optimism representation in governance was more important to the ecosystem at large than following requirements that I know are negatively impacting governance participation. For reference go look at the Dune dashboard and you will see participation on the decline ever since the launch.

Given the above I worked literally round the clock over the last 48 hours to put the above proposal together as well as coordinate all the members and their info. I did this because I believe NFTs and gaming present too MASSIVE of a growth opportunity for our ecosystem not to have them represented by a committee.

I promise you there is no one that wants to see this committee formed more than me and my fellow committee members. So I ask for leniency on some of the committee requirements here

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


This is so important because the barrier for entry into crypto development via NFT projects is so minimal. We need to encourage more developers and artists into the space, through OP where things are cheap and fast


Apologies if I was delayed with the final edits as I also have another full time day job I had to attend to but the final proposal is now updated.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


I am not sure if this will be included in the snapshot because of some communication gap withing the committee because of time difference.

Just want to provide some clarification on my role as part of this committee.

Many of you already know that I am also part of one of the DeFi committee, there my scope of involvement is all thing DeFi but under this sub-committee I will be more focused with P2E and Digital identity project


All I want is for our voices to be heard.


seems like you just trying to make any committee i am upset seeing people on multiple committee

i am glad to see NFT committee much needed

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For the record, I reached out to @OPUser and invited him to join the committee, he did not seek it out.

He’s shown his dedication to the governance of Optimism over the last few months and working with him over the last few days has confirmed that he is a valuable member to the committee.

There are not a huge # of active people in OP governance right now so I don’t think that it should be held against someone if they are on multiple committees. They should be judged on the work they do. All the best. :red_circle: :sparkles:


Thanks for the proposal! Are you able to share more background info on some of the committee reviewers specifically Butterbum.eth and FractalVisions.eth?


Certainly, I will ask them to put something together. They would be more than happy to share.


Hey there, Sorry about the lack of info about me on our proposal.
I have been exploring Ethereum ecosystem since late 2017. I’ve been involved with many DAOs, contributing in a non-technical way. My first experience with-in a Dao was DigixDAO which ended with a dissolution mechanism voted by It’s community members. In 2021 I came across Dope Wars DAO, a NFT and gaming project. Run by it’s community.
I have spent countless days exploring many blockchain gaming protocols on Ethereum and their use case with-in the NFT space. whether its a PFP or avatar or in game Items or land for a metaverse. This category like Governance in DAOs is important to me. As we are yet to see adoption by the Optimism community to encourage development with-in the gaming sector. There is a whole subset of users who are not interested in DeFi that we can potentially lure to Optimism through gaming.


Hello Linda,

My name is Glenn. My partner Alicia & I are both traditional artists who own and operate the Fractal Visions art collective focused on educating other artists who are entering the NFT world. I also have a passion for educating and onboarding new people to Optimism & NFTs in general. I myself have been studying blockchain technology since January 2021 and implementing smart contract deployment art distribution using Optimism network over the past 3-4 months. I was able to present our project Ganland during week #7 ReCap here > Week 7 OP Demo Day
We have brought many people to the Optimism NFT sector with multiple large scale projects active now.

(10,222) NFTs from 2 of our projects directly donate 100 % of secondary sales to Public Goods through Optimism using the RETROPGF.ETH (Public Goods Donation) address. Our total deployment for the summer of 2022 will encompass over 35,000 NFTs as a type of grassroots initiative to onboard and introduce people to Layer 2 Optimism network. I was introduced to OP token governance from Gitcoin.

Quadratic funding for grants, bounties, and initiatives can help create radical change and the power of blockchain technology attributing to governance systems is an important step in developing this framework as an example for other industries to implement in the near future. I am an early pioneer when it comes to blockchain protocol specific to NFTs and have helped with Beta testing for Guild.xyz web3 security in Discord & Lit protocol token gating integration for Shopify recently. Tools which can greatly improve a DAO community in development or any other project. We are only beginning to scratch the surface of what the public goods funding can achieve when it comes to the NFT & Gaming sector.


Actually I am uncomfortable with this proposal; it is not about the content of it, They posted this proposal just a day ago from the snapshot and they included snapshot voting after 25th, and it was like we are bending the rules.
I know OPUser well, s/he already serves the forum and the community, deserves more, like mentioned before committees are something experimental and we should get include NFTs in this experiment, in any way. I will use my votes as ‘FOR’


Thank you for your input, all fair feedback


Voted yes - the team seems passionate and it will be beneficial to have a committee dedicated to NFT/Gaming.


Thanks for the support Katie!


I’m voting for this proposal since it seems the committee has a relevant background and interest for reviewing the NFTs and gaming category. I would also like to see a committee for this category so I’m fine making an exception for the snapshot being created a bit after the deadline.


Thank you Linda, we appreciate the support. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are very grateful for the flexibility with the submission date. The way I see it, there should be no excuse for us not to follow guidelines going forward as we have our core group together now for this endeavor.


Glad this committee was formed, and totally appropriate in my view to have this exception. It would have been a shame had there not been some people attending to this vertical.