[DRAFT] Latam Women Biz Hackathon in the OP Ecosystem

Hi Lilian, I’m glad to see a proposal like this, events like this can really help onboard new users which might’ve ever had a chance before . I just had a couple questions I wanted to ask:

  • All Mission grants are locked for a period of one year. , which might not be a problem for the hackathon winners, but I see benchmarks which are coming relatively soon for the event. Could you give us more details on how your alliance will deal with these costs while waiting for the OP to unlock?
  • While the current KPIs are definitely strong measures of whether this event would follow the intent, could you give us more quantifiable measures for each of these KPIs to know whether these objectives were hit or not? How many participants are you planning to attend? What’s the expected diversity level? How many of the projects built during in this hackathon do we expect to become fully-fledged OP ecosystem projectS?
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