Dope Wars - Accountability + Feedback Thread

Dope Wars was the recipient of a grant in Season 2.

Firstly Dope DAO are very grateful to the OP community for approving the Dope Wars proposal.

Developer Incentives

Our Developer Incentives has kicked-off Hedi-slow-crop

Dope Wars Retroactive & Development Incentives Program (RADIP) is a experimental program designed to encourage and reward contributions to the Dope Wars (DW) ecosystem. The program allows anyone to receive funding for their contributions to the project, which include anything from developing new features or fixing bugs, to creating games or for any Dope Improvement.

RADIP is aligned with the Optimism Collectives ethos of Impact=Profit, a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of positive impact on the ecosystem. For DW this means that the success of the project is measured not only in terms of its financial profitability, but also by the positive impact it has on the community. RADIP is an innovative and forward-thinking program that demonstrates the potential of decentralized, community-driven projects. It allows people to contribute to the project in a way that aligns with DW values and motivations, and encourages collaboration and community involvement.

RADIP has received its first proposals…

With more being discussed in DW Discord

  • DIP-59 Dope Wars Turf Builder is a game-tool built on Optimism that would enable buildings to be built in the DOPEWARS Metaverse.
  • DIP-67 MMO Remediation
  • DIP-XX Infiltration , a 3D Beat ‘em up carnage built ontop of Unreal engine… Check out @187ape on Twitter

For a basic round-up of some DIPsLee_F_C ——> Dope News <—— GC_FCF

User Incentives

Dope Wars User Incentives have been delayed until game release. with a possibility of some being utilized for stress testing in alpha testing

Dope Frenzy is currently in testing and is looking insane. Frenzy will most likely be the first to distribute OP user incentives. You can find visual updates via @Cyberbitz on Twitter

MMO has had some recent fixes and is back online, thanks to DIP-62. DIP-67 is coming up next and is sure to resolve most of the issues that has limited the progress of the MMO development. Our contributors have been working tirelessly to analyze and put forth remedy’s that will make it easy for everyone to contribute to the Dope Wars MMO

Other Dope Wars updates

Dope Wars community have reallocated 1315 OP to supply liquidity (DIP-63) for our game token ‘PAPER’ utilizing Arrakis Finance contracts with a 5% 95% split between OP and PAPER respectfully. This was not specified in the proposal and came down to the community realizing the importance of supplying liquidity for DW game token as vital step in creating a functional and thriving ecosystem around DW games or other decentralized application, and can help to support the long-term growth and success of Dope Wars.

a copy of DOPE DAO members agreement in supplying liquidity
We, DOPE DAO, agree that the deployment of the tokens in this proposal will be used solely for the purpose of providing Liquidity for our Native Utility Token $Paper. The DAO will not create any proposal that seeks to alter the deployment of these tokens unless the below conditions are met.

  1. Legal Counsel advises DOPE DAO that it is feasible to do so.
  2. There is a technological reason that makes it reasonable for the DAO to move the Liquidity Position to a different platform.

in other news
Dope Wars REGISTERS as a Not for Profit LLC ensuring contributors to Dope Wars code are protected.(DIP-49)

The formation of DOPELABS has been proposes (DIP-66 ) a much needed structural update to the inner workings of DOPE DAO

And check out the DopeWars Chiptune MEGAMIX (Spotify) with music video from the Dope Music initiative

Get more Dope DAO info on…



Discord (Discord access is public but limited. Verifying you own a DOPE token grants you access to additional channels including Proposal discussions)

More updates to follow… bb_FF


I’ll be a developer in copule years. Hold my spot guys :v:


Thanks :pray: for the update!!!


Totally missed this update. Thank you for keeping us in loop.

do you, perhaps, a rough timeline for this ?


@OPUser unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you… the beta link for Dope Frenzy multiplayer is out but needs a min of 2 players to start the game. this is still a work in progress and is actively being worked on

We will defiantly inform the community here on when user incentives will start and the structure and allocation we will use to distribute the incentives.

We have another DopeDAO Update if anyone wants more details
I’ll keep you all posted when anything gets released.


Im cross posting this from “Discord” for transparency as I understand there is some confusion in the air…

Sup peeps … Im Butterbum Im part of DopeLabs a team of contributors facilitating the DAO
allow me to answer you questions and clear up some confusion.

“I see they are on Starknet now so I am really confused. I was tryna figure out if there was a game on Optimism I could play. “

Dope Wars is a permissionless protocol that started on Ethereum mainnet and deployed Hustler contracts on Optimism here is the snapshot…Snapshot the RYO game was partially funded by DopeDAO and Stakware in Sep 2021 and it is only recently been launched due to the upgrades to Starknet. This game has a dedicated Stark team that have been working on infrastructure and making RYO game a reality for a long time.

No game as of yet on Optimism we had Dope Frenzy a promising “free for all” which has subsequently turned into the pilot for “Mean Streets“ -what i see as a GTA 2 style game here is the proposal Tally | Dope Wars Proposal

“I see on their website the links don’t work for shopping gear on Quix and the discord link is no longer valid. It appears they also had a partnership with L2DAO announced back after the investigation on their grant funding. Not sure what happened to be honest this time period was when we were banned from the OP ecosystem.”

Dope Wars never had a partnership with L2DAO.
last year we had a community building raffle before OP token was even launched.

“So there are characters they sell as nfts on Optimism but can they be used in game? - and more importantly is there actually a game that can be played right now on OP? I think its a fair question to ask since it has been exactly 1 year since they have been awarded a grant, and we have seemingly seen no updates.”

Firstly we as a DAO don’t sell characters aka “Hustlers” they are a free mint the gear that is equipped or unequipped is the product of the DOPE token which was a free mint Loot fork on Ethereum. The goal is for all our assets “Hustlers”, “Gear” and “PAPER” to be used in game, this has multiple challenges but bottom line is the target for all proposed games including the Cartridge( starknet game RYO and proposed Dope World(Snapshot) via a custom bridge between Optimism ↔_Starknet

I agree this is a fair Question and honestly it is very challenging for an open DAO to produce games these things take time, patience and dedication to develop. as for the updates I did create a accountability thread on the OP forum which admittedly is due for an update Dope Wars - Accountability + Feedback Thread

“I just tested a platform today for an impact reporting dashboard on optimism governance and other grant programs.
Unfortunately I only see one post about OP on their page.
This is sad because I remember they also flexed the fact that they had a community vote
about whether to stay on Optimism or not prior to receiving the grant which caused the platform Quix to step in with a huge amount of delegate voting
power to say they wanted to push forward the vote.s
One thing I find odd in all of this is the fact that Quixotic is still listed on the main Optimism website…
if you check their Discord server, you will see messages of people saying they are losing their items at the time of transfer or listing so it is unsure whether the platform is compromised.
But back to dope wars after receiving the grant they totally abandoned OP and are seemingly active on another protocol. It’s very difficult to understand why they quit working on Optimism.”

This is pure FUD Mr Fractal you have history in Dope discord and if I remember correctly things got heated between you and some dope community. this and the event you bring up about voting to stay or go are consequences of DOPEDAO being an open permissionless DAO anybody that holds a DOPE token has a say and can create snapshot vote

@fractalvisions “if you check their Discord server……”
are you sure you in the correct discord server Dope Wars your statement is untrue and damaging to our brand and reputation please can you send me proof of our contracts being compromised! or of people loosing their item… our support page has been quiet I have never seen any issues like that raised in Dope discord.
@fractalvisions “But back to dope wars after receiving…”

Your judgements are premature and unfounded we have not abandoned Optimism… a quick look at snapshot or Tally proposals you will find all the info. Apartment builder, Mean Streets and “MMO” the pilot for Dope City are all being built utilizing Optimism network

@nftfutureboi#7596 “GnosisSafeProxy | Address 0x90103beDCfbE1eeE44ded89cEd88bA8503580b3D | OP Mainnet Looks like they are breaking the no-sale rule. This is the recepient wallet from their grant. “
“the most recent transaction transfered 84,616 OP to this wallet.
They than transferred to another wallet that sent the tokens to Bybit to be dumped. “

That Tx was for the Mean Streets proposal Tally | Dope Wars Proposal
Mean Streets was proposed by Unixlabs and was discussed heavily by the DopeDAO. Partnering with a traditional fully fledged company was seen as the best way to produce a game as relying on community contributions on an ever evolving idea has major drawbacks some of which DopeDAO have experienced first hand.

The only reason we were able to secure the deal with Unix was with a method we called a “cookie jar” pasted below is a portion on the proposal related to the payment and proposal link

Funding via Trusted Partner Protocol

As described in the updated RAPID process, DOPE DAO accounts for Trusted Developers/Partners to have a certain status with regard to payment. This is especially important for this project because UnixLabs, as a commercial business, will have defined financial parameters that need to be set before the tasks can be properly planned and initiated. Like mentioned above UnixLabs are significant DOPE holders with proven deliverables as well as being doxed developers with a high reputation to uphold. For this reason the team seeks approval that, if this proposal receives a successful vote, the entire allotment of funding (excluding player OP incentives) be transferred to a (transparently observable) UnixLabs Developer wallet (Cookie Jar) to be stabled. This will provide certainty and secure runway for the work. Once funds are located in the ‘Cookie Jar’ UnixLabs will be entitled to remove funds from the Cookie Jar as described below:….” Snapshot

@nftfutureboi#7596 “Its true, blockchain dosen’t lie. I was hoping someone from Dope Wars would respond here to clarify, if not I can make a post. I only just saw this yesterday.”
“ok I made a post”

This could have been avoided had you guys DYOR or due diligence and reach out to a Hustler via discord, twitter or our Dope Wars - Accountability + Feedback Thread on OP Forum Dope Wars - Accountability + Feedback Thread

This conversation has jumped to conclusions without finding out any facts from anybody in the Dope eco system

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Were OP tokens sold to fund this endeavour?

Dope DAO did not sell any OP tokens and never has. The DAO voted to fund development of an OP based game with a portion of the grant tokens.


You misread what was written. We are talking about the Quix discord and smart contracts on their platform being compromised. I noticed the link :link: on your website was pointing to Quix which you may want to change.

As you can clearly see here the link is dead :skull_and_crossbones:

Reflecting on 2023

The year 2023 was indeed a period of significant challenges and learning for Dope Wars. Amidst the evolving landscape of blockchain gaming and the broader crypto world, we faced hurdles that tested our resilience and adaptability. Despite these obstacles, it was also a year of substantial growth and opportunity.

One of the key developments has been the expansion of DopeLabs. As more contributors have stepped up to take on roles within the Dope Wars ecosystem, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in innovation and collaboration. This expansion signifies the strengthening of our community. The diverse skills and perspectives brought by new contributors have enriched DopeLabs, driving forward our mission to create a dynamic and engaging gaming universe.

As we reflect on the past year’s trials and triumphs, we are reminded of the strength and dedication of the Dope Wars community. Their support has been the cornerstone of our resilience and our drive to innovate. Together, we are poised to make Dope Wars not just a game, but a leading name in the new era of blockchain entertainment.

Latest discussion

I’m reaching out to share important developments in the Dope Wars project and our plans to realign the use of the OP grant we received over a year ago. Our initial proposal, driven by ambition and a vision for rapid growth, allocated a significant portion of the grant (150,000 OP, 50%) towards user incentives. Our goal was to foster engagement and community growth within our ecosystem. However, as we navigated the complex landscape of blockchain gaming, we learned crucial lessons that have led us to reassess our approach.

Key Learnings and Adjustments:

  1. Development Takes Precedence: We realized that the development and refinement of our core offerings must take precedence over user incentives. A robust and fully-functional platform is fundamental to the long-term success and sustainability of any gaming project.
  2. Naivety in Initial Projections: When we first structured the grant, we were somewhat naïve to the challenges and timeframes involved in game development. Our initial focus on user incentives was premature, as we did not have a fully operational game to engage users effectively.
  3. DIP-89 Strategic Reallocation Proposal: Considering our current situation and future roadmap, we propose reducing the OP allocation for user incentives to 25,000 OP. The remainder will be redirected towards accelerating development efforts. This shift enables us to enhance our platform’s stability and user experience, laying a solid foundation for Dope Wars.
  4. Substituting with PAPER Tokens: To maintain a pool for user engagement, we intend to substitute the reduced OP incentives with PAPER tokens. This not only adds utility to PAPER within our ecosystem but also ensures that we continue to reward and engage our community.
  5. Innovative Opportunities on the Horizon: We have received compelling proposals for innovative projects to build on top of OP Mainnet. To capitalize on these opportunities and not miss out on this leap forward in blockchain gaming, we need to ensure that our resources are optimally allocated.

This reallocation represents a significant shift from our original strategy, but it’s a necessary step to align with the realities of game development and the evolving landscape of blockchain technology. Our commitment to building a vibrant, engaging, and stable platform for our users remains steadfast. We believe this strategic realignment will not only benefit Dope Wars but also contribute positively to the broader Optimism ecosystem.

Here is a breakdown of OP usage to date you can find all details about each DIP on Snapshot

We appreciate the OP Collectives support as we make these critical adjustments to fulfill our commitment to innovation and excellence in the blockchain gaming space.

In other news…

Mean Streets Updates

We are excited to share the latest developments from Unix Labs regarding their work on Mean Streets, a pivotal component of the Dope Wars ecosystem.

Unix Labs, known for their expertise approach in the gaming sector, has been diligently working on the Mean Streets project. Unix has made substantial progress in the core development of Mean Streets. The team has been focusing on integrating advanced gameplay mechanics, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for players. Working closely with the Dope Wars community, Unix Labs has been aligning Mean Streets with the broader vision of the ecosystem. This collaboration ensures that Mean Streets will be a harmonious part of Dope Wars.

I will attempt to be more frequent in providing more feedback here. :v:

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DIP-87 for Dope Wars recently drop and It’s legendary.


Dope Wars is once again pushing the boundaries of innovation, DopeDAO is currently voting on DIP-87 a proposal to allocate OP tokens received in Governance Grant season 2 to a proposal that focuses on deploying Dope World and Roll Your Own (RYO) as a Layer 3 (L3) application utilizing the Cartridge controller and the Katana sequencers settling to Op mainnet,. Along side this proposal are other important updates for Dope Wars. One of which is a L2 ↔ L3 bridge which represent significant advancements in blockchain gaming infrastructure.

When DIP-87 passes and comes to fruition I believe many doors will open for both developer and projects as they will be able to spin up their own instance utilizing this tech…BB_FCF

Another fantastic Mean Streets update from UnixLabs, focusing on multiplayer aspects.

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Good morning, Optimism Foundation,

As an original member who requested the grant on behalf of DOPE DAO, I’m writing to update you on a segment of the proposal I was in charge of which encountered unexpected delays due to personal challenges and technical complexities.

I’m pleased to inform you that despite these hurdles, including issues within the DAO, I have successfully completed the proposal. SWAP MEET V2 is now live at, featuring cross-chain purchases in PAPER, OP, and ETH.

For those interested in the details of those complexities they can be found on the related PR available at Github.