Dope Wars - Accountability + Feedback Thread

Dope Wars was the recipient of a grant in Season 2.

Firstly Dope DAO are very grateful to the OP community for approving the Dope Wars proposal.

Developer Incentives

Our Developer Incentives has kicked-off Hedi-slow-crop

Dope Wars Retroactive & Development Incentives Program (RADIP) is a experimental program designed to encourage and reward contributions to the Dope Wars (DW) ecosystem. The program allows anyone to receive funding for their contributions to the project, which include anything from developing new features or fixing bugs, to creating games or for any Dope Improvement.

RADIP is aligned with the Optimism Collectives ethos of Impact=Profit, a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of positive impact on the ecosystem. For DW this means that the success of the project is measured not only in terms of its financial profitability, but also by the positive impact it has on the community. RADIP is an innovative and forward-thinking program that demonstrates the potential of decentralized, community-driven projects. It allows people to contribute to the project in a way that aligns with DW values and motivations, and encourages collaboration and community involvement.

RADIP has received its first proposals…

With more being discussed in DW Discord

  • DIP-59 Dope Wars Turf Builder is a game-tool built on Optimism that would enable buildings to be built in the DOPEWARS Metaverse.
  • DIP-67 MMO Remediation
  • DIP-XX Infiltration , a 3D Beat ‘em up carnage built ontop of Unreal engine… Check out @187ape on Twitter

For a basic round-up of some DIPsLee_F_C ——> Dope News <—— GC_FCF

User Incentives

Dope Wars User Incentives have been delayed until game release. with a possibility of some being utilized for stress testing in alpha testing

Dope Frenzy is currently in testing and is looking insane. Frenzy will most likely be the first to distribute OP user incentives. You can find visual updates via @Cyberbitz on Twitter

MMO has had some recent fixes and is back online, thanks to DIP-62. DIP-67 is coming up next and is sure to resolve most of the issues that has limited the progress of the MMO development. Our contributors have been working tirelessly to analyze and put forth remedy’s that will make it easy for everyone to contribute to the Dope Wars MMO

Other Dope Wars updates

Dope Wars community have reallocated 1315 OP to supply liquidity (DIP-63) for our game token ‘PAPER’ utilizing Arrakis Finance contracts with a 5% 95% split between OP and PAPER respectfully. This was not specified in the proposal and came down to the community realizing the importance of supplying liquidity for DW game token as vital step in creating a functional and thriving ecosystem around DW games or other decentralized application, and can help to support the long-term growth and success of Dope Wars.

a copy of DOPE DAO members agreement in supplying liquidity
We, DOPE DAO, agree that the deployment of the tokens in this proposal will be used solely for the purpose of providing Liquidity for our Native Utility Token $Paper. The DAO will not create any proposal that seeks to alter the deployment of these tokens unless the below conditions are met.

  1. Legal Counsel advises DOPE DAO that it is feasible to do so.
  2. There is a technological reason that makes it reasonable for the DAO to move the Liquidity Position to a different platform.

in other news
Dope Wars REGISTERS as a Not for Profit LLC ensuring contributors to Dope Wars code are protected.(DIP-49)

The formation of DOPELABS has been proposes (DIP-66 ) a much needed structural update to the inner workings of DOPE DAO

And check out the DopeWars Chiptune MEGAMIX (Spotify) with music video from the Dope Music initiative

Get more Dope DAO info on…



Discord (Discord access is public but limited. Verifying you own a DOPE token grants you access to additional channels including Proposal discussions)

More updates to follow… bb_FF


I’ll be a developer in copule years. Hold my spot guys :v:


Thanks :pray: for the update!!!


Totally missed this update. Thank you for keeping us in loop.

do you, perhaps, a rough timeline for this ?


@OPUser unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you… the beta link for Dope Frenzy multiplayer is out but needs a min of 2 players to start the game. this is still a work in progress and is actively being worked on

We will defiantly inform the community here on when user incentives will start and the structure and allocation we will use to distribute the incentives.

We have another DopeDAO Update if anyone wants more details
I’ll keep you all posted when anything gets released.