[DRAFT] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Dope Wars

Thanks for sharing your view and for taking the time to go through our proposal. :pray:

Dope Wars community are in discussions about readjusting the proposal, we will be updating it in the coming days.

You’re asking for 1 million OP? How does NFT games align with the Optimism Vision?

You say you’re a delegate with most of the OP delegated to you from the Dope Wars community, which puts you in a difficult position.

But aren’t you supposed to do whats in the best interests of the OP community?

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I’m just being realistic it would be difficult for anyone in that position and scenario.
It is my duty as a Dope Wars community member and an Optimism delegate to submit this proposal on behalf of Dope Wars DAO.

I believe I represent the users that have delegated to me who are all part of the Optimism community.

This will be better explained when we update the proposal in the coming days…
Thanks for the questions

I believe a project like this has excellent chances of going viral, driving not only bridging but also considerable ongoing usage of Optimism in the Dope Wars game(s).

I also don’t think an incentive to NFT holders is inappropriate as activation of Hustlers is required to generate repeat in-game transactions on Optimism.

I would support the allocation.


Dope Wars team appears skilled at community and building interesting projects out in the open, under the extra stressors of an open DAO and have remained diligent to important crypto philosophies. As I understand, they have already brought in a ton of OP transactions- perhaps one of the most important and highest potential projects on OP. I will vote yes for the revised proposal.


The Optimism vision can be summed up with the axiom of impact=profit, which means if a project provides an incentive for users to use Optimism, it aligns with the Optimism’s vision.

I also think OP should vote on his own proposal even if he is a delegate. If the proposal were to pass, it would bring more users to Optimism, which means it is in everyone’s best interest (in the Optimism ecosystem) for the OP to vote yes on it, of course if the proposal is sensible.

1mil $OP doesn’t sound like a lot. It is merely 0.465% of the official reported circulating supply. As the projects receive their grants, this percentage will be even smaller. If you put 1mil $OP against the total supply, the allocation percentage is 0.02%. I personally believe it is justified.

The hustlers contract on Optimism (0xDbfEaAe58B6dA8901a8a40ba0712bEB2EE18368E) has
had 6035 tx over the past 215 days. That’s 28 tx / day.

Synapse Protocol (bridge+dex) for comparision had 23 tx / day when it was nominated for 1 mil $OP allocation in the Optimism Governance Fund: Phase 0 Distrubtion.
Source: [PUBLIC] Optimism Governance Fund: Phase 0 Distribution - Google Sheets

Dope Wars is #3 in volume (84.74 eth) on Quixotic.
#2 by sales (4525 sales).
(second only to Optimism Collective NFT which we all know was sybiled).
Source: Trending Collections | Quixotic


Man I’m in the favor of that proposal. they building something really dope and I’d hope if they can get that grant to build the game more interesting


I support Dope Wars in this allocation of OP tokens, but don’t agree with the initial allocation. I believe the reduction to 36% is fair and deserved for such a project which will take this community to greater levels and accelerate the progress made in metaverse gaming. Dope Wars has been on my radar for a while now, alongside other projects which also choose Optimism, and the future is in this community’s hands. I urge you all to read and reread the proposal and take some time to educate yourself on these projects and initiatives before making a final decision, as these games are gems and priceless assets to our community.

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Dope Wars movement is real! This game has a huge chance for going viral given the distributed nature of the project, natural alignment with the digital art movement, and unreal gameplay we’ve had the privilege to get pieces from. The success to date speaks for itself, I support this grant to get the project to the next level!!

What does success mean? Increased demand for the optimism ecosystem, potential to completely disrupt the gaming industry, and a platform to accelerate development around the world! Vote yes!!


The Dope Wars team has been working tirelessly on this game, and with impressive results. From the work that has already been done, we can see that it is a very high quality project that will bring lots of attention to Optimism once it is complete. I’ve been keeping an eye on the project for months, and I like what I see. I think the funding will help the team a lot, and I support it wholeheartedly.

It’s worth considering that Dope Wars has the potential to bring mass appeal and drive volume to Optimism in a way few other things can (what we’ve seen so far is just a preview).
Dope Wars has opportunities for contribution within the community for stakeholders and nonstakeholders alike, mirroring Optimism’s governance ethos. This extends to the gameplay as well which is not exclusionary.
Dope Wars has a long term vision and roadmap. Coupled with the implementation of Bedrock, Optimism has an opportunity to become a real contender for Layer 2 gaming which Dope Wars can help usher in. Come see what’s happening with all things Dope Wars Dope Wars
Kudos to Butterbum working on this.

The exact reason people delegate is so that proposals get made and voted on.

Not voting would be a failure to the people who delegated, a big failure. A successful dao wants proposals, and proposals that pass - especially from delegates (as opposed to founding teams for example)

Disagree here. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t vote yes on your own proposal. Quite the opposite actually. It’s essentially your highest conviction yes vote since you put a lot of thought and consideration into the proposal. You should definitely be allowed to vote Yes.

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Dope Wars has shown they have what it takes to pull off this game and it will bring a lot of new users to the Optimism network.

Their process to ‘unbundle’ the gear cards from the ETH network into the Optimism network was an impressive technical feat, something I’ve never seen done before. The layering of detailed pixel art to generate the character cards on the fly is extremely well done and works great.

I like how the eventual game is not limited to a 10k nft collection since anyone can mint a hustler character with no gear for free. With the game in place and the right marketing going out, I feel like Dopewars will be a huge hit and if this grant helps them get there, I fully support it.

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Its a common practice in Gov voting, you can not vote if you are remotely connected to the proposal. Its nothing again him or anyone, this is how gov voting works and its actually good, help us to avoid conflict. @Butterbum will agree with this too.

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Thanks for taking the feedback into consideration. I think that this proposal should pass and that Dope Wars will be a great Optimism activity for the community during the bear market.

Thanks to all the community Devs who put and still put so much love into this grass roots project.

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It being common practice for a big delegate to not vote on their own proposal is very debatable.

You also shouldn’t say they will agree with you, as earlier on this thread they explicitly said they were undecided.

Not voting would be a massive failure to the people who delegated.

If I delegate to someone I want them to be active and voting.


Ohhh…i think we understood it wrong, he will vote on other proposal(s) and your vote will count, its just he will not vote on this one specific proposal as he in part of the team.

No I understood that.

This isn’t a rule, or common practice. If it were it could simply be enforced : proposers not allowed to vote on their own proposals. But it isn’t.

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