Dope Wars - Accountability + Feedback Thread

DIP-87 for Dope Wars recently drop and It’s legendary.


Dope Wars is once again pushing the boundaries of innovation, DopeDAO is currently voting on DIP-87 a proposal to allocate OP tokens received in Governance Grant season 2 to a proposal that focuses on deploying Dope World and Roll Your Own (RYO) as a Layer 3 (L3) application utilizing the Cartridge controller and the Katana sequencers settling to Op mainnet,. Along side this proposal are other important updates for Dope Wars. One of which is a L2 ↔ L3 bridge which represent significant advancements in blockchain gaming infrastructure.

When DIP-87 passes and comes to fruition I believe many doors will open for both developer and projects as they will be able to spin up their own instance utilizing this tech…BB_FCF