NFT & Gaming Committee A: Season 2 Recommendations

Cycle 6


Voting recommendation: Yes

Basis for recommendation:

Potential ROI:

  • Proposed $OP incentives incorporate social media and community engagement tasks to create a marketing buzz, which in turn brings new users to the ecosystem

  • 50% of OptiChad royalties donated to PGF in perpetuity

Drives sustainable ecosystem growth and prevents mis-use of $OP funding:

  • New, curious users will be exposed to Optichads and the larger Optimism NFT ecosystem. As NFT projects tend to have dedicated communities these users should be more likely to stay within the ecosystem

  • A manual review process coupled with Quest verifying user activities will prevent sybil attacks and or inappropriate distribution of $OP rewards

Appropriate amount of OP requested:

  • We feel that 50,000 $OP rewards being distributed over several months is appropriate given it is a 10k NFT project with a low barrier to entry (Floor price < $5)

Alignment with Optimism:

  • Optichads is providing co-incentives - 50 Optichad giveaway for the community

  • 6E+ donated by Optichads thus far to public goods funding

Other Considerations:

  • 100% of the $OP requested goes directly to the community

  • One of our committee members has had a positive experience implementing the mechanism OptiChads will use to facilitate a fair $OP rewards distribution


shoutout to projects that fund public goods !! :100: