NFT & Gaming Committee A: Season 2 Recommendations

Cycle 6


Voting recommendation: Yes

Basis for recommendation:

Potential ROI:

  • Proposed $OP incentives incorporate social media and community engagement tasks to create a marketing buzz, which in turn brings new users to the ecosystem

  • 50% of OptiChad royalties donated to PGF in perpetuity

Drives sustainable ecosystem growth and prevents mis-use of $OP funding:

  • New, curious users will be exposed to Optichads and the larger Optimism NFT ecosystem. As NFT projects tend to have dedicated communities these users should be more likely to stay within the ecosystem

  • A manual review process coupled with Quest verifying user activities will prevent sybil attacks and or inappropriate distribution of $OP rewards

Appropriate amount of OP requested:

  • We feel that 50,000 $OP rewards being distributed over several months is appropriate given it is a 10k NFT project with a low barrier to entry (Floor price < $5)

Alignment with Optimism:

  • Optichads is providing co-incentives - 50 Optichad giveaway for the community

  • 6E+ donated by Optichads thus far to public goods funding

Other Considerations:

  • 100% of the $OP requested goes directly to the community

  • One of our committee members has had a positive experience implementing the mechanism OptiChads will use to facilitate a fair $OP rewards distribution

Cycle 7

Dope Wars

Voting recommendation: “No” with the guidance they resubmit with adjustments for Cycle 8

This was incredibly close, in fact, the committee was initially split right down the middle with two members for, two against and one appropriately abstaining due to a conflict of interest. In the end we were able to come to a consensus and recommend to vote “Against” this proposal with guidance to adjust based on our feedback and resubmit in cycle 8. In the end the decision came down to the amount of $OP requested tied to games that are still pending release. Before we dive in lets summarize the proposal request:

75,000 $OP - In game incentives for PAPER Rock Scissors
75,000 $OP - In game incentives for Dope Frenzy
150,000 $OP - For a Retroactive Developer Incentive Program aimed at rewarding the community
building games for the Dope Wars ecosystem now and into the future.

We as a committee believe the best approach to fund innovative and experimental proposals like Dope Wars is to do it in an iterative manner where we are able to maximize learnings while minimizing the initial outlay of $OP funding. With the understanding that projects are encouraged to request funding on an on-going basis and are more likely to receive that funding if their last proposal was a success for the Optimism ecosystem.

  1. Assessment of the in-game incentives funding ask: The concept of in-game incentive programs for gaming has been proven to drive new user growth and usage for the ecosystem they are implemented in so we are in agreement this would be beneficial to the Optimism ecosystem as well as help kick start the gaming ecosystem on Optimism. Gamers have already proven there is a huge addressable gaming market just on layer 2 with the $MAGIC gaming ecosystem topping 180k+ total users on Arbitrum. Our recommendation to adjust is to prioritize incentives for the first game being released then subsequently submit a proposal to incentivize the next game closer to it’s launch date. This recommendation was made after having consulted the Dope Wars team on where they are at in the development phase for these games.
  2. Assessment of the Retroactive Developer Incentive Program (RADIP) funding ask. This is a concept we vetted and refined with the Dope Wars team. We feel the “RADIP PROCESS” outlined in the proposal provides sufficient assurances to ensure the $OP will be utilized for it’s intended purpose while mitigating risks associated with anyone trying to game the Retroactive Developer Incentive rewards Program as the incentives are retroactive in nature and therefore tied to milestones with defined outputs, agreed upon by the DAO, and distributed after the initial release across several months to ensure the quality of the work. Our recommendation to adjust is to request only the amount of funding needed to incentivize and reward development over the next few months at which point Dope Wars would be encouraged to submit another proposal for more funding. The amount of funding likely to be approved in the future is only limited by how effective Dope Wars utilizes funds it has received previously from the governance fund.

I would like to thank the Dope Wars team for their commitment to this proposal and active collaboration with the NFT & Gaming Committee. This is the second voting cycle that Dope Wars has submitted their funding proposal, and we hope to see a modified version of this in cycle 8!

Cycle 8

No proposals with enough delegate support in cycle 8 to move into committee review stage


shoutout to projects that fund public goods !! :100:


Season 2 NFT & Gaming Committee Proposal Update

During Cycle 6 OptiChads was approved for 50K in $OP incentives.

On October 28, 2022 [UTC date/time] those governance funds earmarked for user incentives were delivered to the Optichads project:

That same day (October 28, 2022 [UTC date/time]) @Dicaso and the Optichad’s team kicked off their user incentives program:


Do you know what keeps OptiChads engaged with the community, beyond the expectation of airdrops?

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Hey there, good question!

The community has an emphasis on public goods funding (50% of proceeds are donated to public goods funding) & general health.

The data suggests giving protocols $OP to use for retroactive airdrops is not a very effective way to drive engagement and sustainable network usage

That being said, the 50k $OP was designated not for an airdrop but for rewarding users who complete quests they have setup.

Below is a link to their Discord:

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