Don't make Quest a large criteria for airdrop 2

I’m of course aware the next airdrop criteria is not public and likely won’t ever be, but after seeing Quest I’m worried about its potential use to determine a portion of airdrop 2.

For example, if a wallet completes the quest(s), and has no organic transactions after, then this should be excluded from drop 2 because they’re clearly just coming for handouts.

As a long time user of Optimism, I feel pressured to do the Quests because of the presumption it will be used for drop 2, but I’ve already used the majority of protocols live on OP, and done most of the tasks organically so am not about to jump through a set of hoops for an NFT to say so. Wouldn’t it have made sense for past transactions to be eligible?

Quest is a good idea to get people bridging and trying out OP, I just hope that existing users doing many natural txs will not be snubbed by not completing it. I am not against giving Quest completooors any OP. Just dont waste it.

Also please decentralize the sequencer. Thanks.

nb. I am aware this probably come across as ‘muuuh make airdrop requirements to what my wallet does’, but all you have to do to see the general attitude of questooors is go to any protocols discord and look at all the posts saying ‘I did the task wen nft, can i withdraw now’. I have seen very little posts like ‘hey this protocol is cool how does it work’.


Don’t be such a killjoy. :roll_eyes::thought_balloon:
I enjoy quests.


Given that quest will be a criteria, how would you recommend doing it ? A multiplier ? Do you think it could be used to filter the sybil.


Having it as an ‘extra’ would make sense to me, in the same way in drop 1 there was an allocation for several things, OPQ could be one of them for sure. I’m not suggesting they get nothing.

Using it as a sybil filter would actually not be insane - if a wallet has literally only done quest and nothing else for some period of time after quests completion date then imho they should not get any allocation, as the activity proves they are not actual and active users.


I agree and get your point. It’s not going to help governance. I don’t see most DeFi users caring about governance. They’re biased.


As a user of the network, I agree with your approach, I hope that if Quests are used for eligibility criteria, it will be in a very small proportion. At this point Optimism should have resorted to Rabbithole instead to warn the Sybil


I totaly agree in this question.

If a user wants to complete all the quest then they need around $800ish in their wallet and if their primary goal is to complete all OPQ on multiple wallet then most likely they will use the same fund by moving it to different wallet. So only option is to bring more fund to the optimism chain for each wallet otherwise its much easier to filter the farmers. That why i was thinking it might act as sybil filter criteria What’s your opinion on this ? And just to clarify, I am not speculating airdrop, Sybil is a bigger problem which need some brainstorming and i thought these quest might help us with that.

This logic does not apply if aztech is involved.


Hmmm I think the team behind optimism has a good plan for the quest and will not throw around tokens for people that use all of the protcolos for 1 minute or so.


Don’t forget @bangrygoose 's point is “not to be a large criteria”, and I agree. But we all understand it’s OK for someone coming and completing that job to be rewarded. Some % of them will leave, but some others may stay around.
My point is: Is that a useful job for gaining long-term users on OP ecosystem? I don’t think so, but I understand we are too early and there are just a few apps.

I don’t know well what happened by airdrop 1, but in this case you have a point: Completing the quest requires so much work, not like bridging from ETH to OP that can be done super fast.

+1 no caring or speculating about the airdrop. Anyone, not selling must think about the long-term and sustainability. I respect everyone’s choice, but I am not on crypto for trading or to end up with more fiat. I am here for a long way towards decentralization.
Sybil’s attack is not an easy problem to solve. I like some approaches like this one I need to look more into : but I think the hash input must be large and hard to guess and the trusted party must be decentralized. Vitalik has written about it several times. A social recovery wallet…
So much exited work to do after season 2 ends.


They are good to recognition and experience these apps and OP network , but most of them have rewards for continue using them, if their rewards attractive for users, they can continue to use them or if not they will not of course, mustn’t forget peoples take place in crypto ecosystem for saving their money or increase its amount, we are in bear market conditions and because of that using some of these app can cause loosing money because of price volatility about from token holding. In short, it’s all about winning or losing and risk perception. the reward must be worth the risk taken, Many transaction fees and time spent should be taken into account in all these evaluations.

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Good point.
On the contrary, does anyone know anyone actually named “Sybil”? It seems like bad luck now to have a word that used to be a human name is now a predatory and negative adjective in defi.


Quests are fun and educate people. The harder, the better people eligible for airdrops


“I feel a pressure” - the best phrase, i feel the same. I feel i must to do these quests to not to miss the airdrop


Just wanted to chime in and say i agree about feeling the «pressure» for doing those quests.

Sure it can be a fun way to explore Optimism for newcomers, and maybe reward them for it too, in some ways.

As a active user and LP and staker in many of the big protocols on Optimism, im ofcourse biased towards rewarding active usage.


Do the quests, for the good of community, not some airdrop hunter’s pipe dream.


i consider myself as someone who is really interested in optimism but i have done none of these quests.

what about communicating a very silly task for a airdrop, which none real OP holder would do?
f.e. send 1 OP to 0000x adress.
everyone who does this in the first 24H will get just 20% of airdrop 2 bc it´s very likely she/he is a airdrop farmer?

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I agree with you at some degree, I think the quest should be a small part of the airdrop and most going to repeat users that use various apps often. I have to say the quest and anticipation for the airdrop is a clever way to get traffic on the chain. I love optimism veledrome but I’m not a fan of synthetix for instance. While staking there for two weeks is the longest quest. I mean it sux for all of us in some way, I guess we don’t get to decide though. I’ve been into crypto for years but I have only been using defi since the start of the year. I never really had to deal with expensive gas and I hopped straight onto polygon pretty much. I came here for something different a couple months ago and the 2nd airdrop would be nice but I love Velo. I missed the airdrop but I don’t really mind :slight_smile:


I get ur point about the Quests but having that option to be eligible for the OP Airdrop is hood bcuz maybdd we some want to be able to be involved but can’t although i know donf tasks r not long and stuff but having dif ways of interacting is good n can potentially bring more ppl to get more involved more in depth. But I knw wat ur saying that one shudnt get unnoticed or b un eligible for not doing the quests n stuff but those individuals that u say u seen just posting those comments don’t mean that everyone who does the quests have that same mentality/idea. What would be some possible solutions that the OP or anyone in general should do for what u r pointing out here?
I would like to knw more tho cuz I try to be involved but sometimes I’m not able too cuz of wrk n all but we try u knw.
Do u think if the OP team gives less priority to those only doing the quests for an airdrop n give more to those who complete tasks n go based on the number of tasks they complete make them eligible for it?

I dont agree in this proposal.
You have to earn the airdrop and interact with the diffrent plattforms and be involded in the community.

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