Develop web3 curriculum to help grow crypto

One of the big issues in the crypto space is the knowledge gap that separates active users from the wider crypto community and non crypto users.

Part of the reason for this is that there is too much information spread over a bunch of different mediums. The crypto curious and new users need to be good at researching and understanding information without anyone to guide them. I have university educated friends who are interested in crypto but don’t know where to start.

A clear path to understanding and using crypto is vital to mainstream adoption. With OP fees being so low, it is viable to have a course that directly introduces them to decentralised crypto from entry and removes the hurdle of going through an exchange.

This process could also incorporate proof of humanity and allow for poaps for completing stages of the course. Ideally it would include small airdrops so that anyone in the world could setup a wallet, learn the course, then claim funds without needing to risk any of their own money.

It could start simple and grow to include quite advanced levels of education in web3. Higher educated users could be granted access to commenting on certain proposal’s or maybe higher voting weight, as they have a better understanding of the tech. As long as all the education is free and with no barrier to access then it should still remain fair and democratic.

Lessons could be something like:

  • Making a wallet (including security of seed phrase and different wallets)
  • Adding OP network
  • Funding the wallet (ideally some way to make an airdrop claim without risking any user funds would precede this step)
  • Send funds to an address (including risk of wrong address)
  • Connect to an app (including security concerns)
  • Claim a POAP NFT

Once users complete some practical lessons like the above, then it would be good to introduce some theory lessons. The POAPs would be a psychological encouragement to continue learning and there could be bonus airdrops or something.

Ultimately this is all intended to introduce more people into the web3 space in a positive and non degen way, which I think is ultimately what needs to happen to fulfil some of the altruistic aims of projects like OP.


Fantastic idea, the more we can upskill the community the stronger and more resistant to scams, misinformation etc it becomes.

Have you seen Bankless Academy - maybe a collaborative effort with the Bankless DAO would save duplicating work (they’ve already covered Wallet security, basics of DeFi and claiming a POAP) as well as strengthening ties with the Bankless Ecosystem:

Maybe the OP community could offer to produce lessons on using an L2 through your wallet (adding OP to MetaMask etc), how to understand security of Optimistic rollups, and possibly some OP specific applications - such as the Sythetix/Lyra/Kwenta/Thales synth ecosytem?

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Yes along those lines. Focus on a hands on approach where people need to follow the steps and once they have a bit of experience then start adding in the theory side of things. It is easier to learn something once you are familiar with using it.


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