Decentralize the Governance Discussion

This is way out there and just open for discussion really. Is there some value perhaps in having a system whereby these discussions on Governance take place in a more decentralised way? For example, have a metamask account (to connect with) and OP tokens. Or just have some wallet value. I don’t know, any ideas ? We always seem to come back to old school email account, password, logon, database. Would be nice to just connect my wallet and have our discussions immutable like crypto itself. DeBank have a rudimentary system for proposing ideas. Not discussions though.

Maybe there is already a system like this. Or perhaps this is a good project idea in itself. Who knows!

1 Like maybe… once account creation is public and live for everyone.

You will just log in with your address, using sign-in-with-ethereum (

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keep fighting OP and turn to bt next ETH

I feel like this is just as good, tbh
But not having op shouldn’t be a detriment to be able to connect to the governance

What is wrong with this platform ? In one place I can be in touch with all the discussion.

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Yea, the idea (similar to single sign-on) is great but like you, I don’t know of an app to accomplish all things necessary for GOV. Nothing is wrong with the existing, but trying to improve on the GOV model - admirable as it is, perhaps at the time there are more important issues/projects to pursue.