Delegation Questions & Feedback Thread

how to delegate, I am not airdrop 1 but I bought OP on dex then what to do next step

Thank you for airdropping me $OP. It is very easy to delegate from claim airdrop process. However, I want to know how to choose delegators if I buy more $OP.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

And wondering why i can’t delegate to my address. Been trying for a while to no avail. Would’ve love to vote on governance proposals by myself as i did on Pooltogether.

do you mean how to technically delegate more OP tokens? or how to find a delegate you believe represents your ideas?

Thanks for your clear explanation !


Delegation is from an address to another as far as I can tell, so any $OP you receive will automatically be delegated to the same address.


Thank you for your response.