Delegate Suspension: Fractal Visions

Proposal Title: Delegate Suspension: Fractal Visions

Proposal Type: Delegate Suspension

Executive Summary

A community member has filed a report, substantiated by documentation, against Fractal Visions

Discord name: Fractal Visions#7535
Delegation address: 0xC4FC57Dedd2463314A3fD2DBadB86B4404C257e5
Delegate Commitment

Reported violation: Intentional doxxing
Enforcement type: Suspension

As outlined in the delegate code of conduct, suspensions are appropriate when there has been ”Repeated violation of community standards, including sustained inappropriate behavior, or severe violation, including discrimination, harassment, intentional doxxing, dishonesty, or undisclosed self-dealing.”


The below is adapted from the community member’s report. It has been anonymized and edited slightly for understandability. This report is unrelated to L2DAO or the receipt of any grant funding.

Fractal Visions, and some other affiliated community members, misunderstood what project I was working on and then linked my identity to opnames ( In the project support channel of Optimism Official Discord, I tried to explain my project is different. In order to prove it, I presented our past honors including BNB/Dorahacks hackathon winners, Polygon grants, etc. and I shared my Linkedin and Twitter account with Optimism Foundation team members in a group chat with Fractal Visions where I was reporting the issue.

When Fractal Visions read my info, he doxed me using my photo and claiming that I am a scammer from opnames team. He posted my information, along with my photo, in Optimism Official Discord, misled other op ambassadors and community members to believe that I am the founder of opnames and made them falsely believe I am a scammer. He also said some negative things about myself, some related to age discrimination and racial discrimination, and an affiliate of Fractal’s shared my personal photo on Twitter.

I got sick after his doxing attacks and disrespectful wording for 2 weeks, and just recovered recently. Because of his attacks, many people don’t trust myself and my project, and wrongly believe I am from project. Fractal Vision removed his messages in the discord channel to avoid investigations, however, I have documented screenshots.


The reporter included 6 files documenting the doxxing as well as screenshots of conversations substantiating the above claims. We have not reproduced them here to protect the reporter’s identity.

Action Plan

If a vote for suspension is approved by the Token House, the delegate will be suspended from Discord and Discourse and any sort of interaction within the community for a period of three months. A “Yes” vote indicates that you believe a severe violation of the code of conduct has occurred and the delegate should be suspended.

If a vote for suspension is not approved by the Token House, the delegate will remain active in the community without interruption.


According to the procedures outlined in the delegate code of conduct, the reported violation is a severe violation, which is enforced via a delegate suspension proposal. These proposals may only be submitted by the Foundation and therefore will automatically move to a vote. The Foundation’s role in code of conduct enforcement is purely administrative and since a report was filed with supporting evidence a Token House vote on the matter must occur in Cycle 11, as outlined in the most recent version of the operating manual.


After this incident I followed all of the requirements that OP governance members had instructed me to do including removing any posts that had been made or anything that was posted in the discord and may have been tricked into thinking this project was a scam obviously. It has been very hard to tell what is what and never :-1: ever made any sort of racial discrimination against you.
If you wish to suspend me from the council and than that is now up to this decision that is being made and I am sorry for the misunderstanding.


I would like to disclose that I was also working as a support nerd for one of the first times after being a nerd in training and really wish that I had better guidance during this experience.
I had tried to bring this to the attention of the governance but many members may not have been active due to a live event IRL happening at the time. If it was my fault for not doing my due diligence or making a mistake that violated the rules here I will voluntarily leave the forum and discord for the next 3 months.

I was instantly reprimanded for the support nerds role in the community already by one :point_up: of the other members of the optimism support team who is in charge.
At this time there was a very high level of social engineering scams sprawled out across social media and being reported in the discord that were mimicking each other.

It is really difficult to tell what is real and if this type of incident results in my suspension so be it. My only intention was to find out if the project was a scam or not in order to make it safer for everyone on the network.


@lavande is there any way to apologize to this person on the forum or are they seeing the posts here some how?


We can make sure the reporter is aware of your responses to this post.

To clarify, the severe violation that was reported was intentional doxxing.


Okay. Thanks for the response.


I am seeing that the project has it’s Twitter account suspended.

Can we please :pray: get a confirmation on the authenticity of this project and the owner that is making this report prior to this vote taking place?

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Just to be extra clear @jrocki.eth instructed me to remove all of the posts that were related to this incident.


I think it makes sense to defer a suspension pending results into grant misuse.


This suspension is not related to a grant recipient


The humanity of the reporter has been verified and the claims are substantiated by screenshots. The authenticity of the project is not relevant to the reported violation of intentional doxxing.


So the people submitting these reports are required to KYC with an ID to verify who they say they are ?

Or is google drive the only requirement to submit a report?


The foundation contacts reporters (who must provide contact information but do not need to reveal their identity publicly) and claims must be substantiated with evidence. There were 6 files uploaded documenting all claims filed. They were not included in the suspension proposal to protect the identity of the reporter.


No OP user should have to fear for their identity being released by a delegate. Some of us are in countries where this can cause more issues than just taxes and it’s very dangerous to allow that type of behavior.


All of the information that I shared was publicly available on Twitter, including the picture of the person and their name…

Also I want to make it clear that the account appeared as a fake or alternate account.
Which joined twitter in 2014 and has only made 63 tweets since…

You can probably understand why I was and still am uncertain about that account’s authenticity.

I do not see any regular posts or anything indicating anything other than it being an alt account.

So the question was whether the account was real or just a cover up.

Many of the accounts I encounter on a daily basis are spam or fake accounts.


Updated proposal to clarify:

  • This report is unrelated to L2DAO or the receipt of any grant funding.
  • A “Yes” vote indicates that you believe a severe violation of the code of conduct has occurred and the delegate should be suspended.
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Support OAYC’s proposal, Optimism ecosystem should be a place that people respect each others. not insult like this

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Ooof this is a tough one.

I don’t think that doxxing is okay. In fact this should never be done. But if it’s all publically verifiable information it’s not really doxxing. On the other hand it can be seen as harassment…?

In any case since the foundation has not shared the evidence with us we can’t really vote on this. I don’t think it’s fair to vote on suspending someone without having a chance to study the evidence.

To that end I will abstain from this vote.