GFX Labs - Delegate Communication Thread

2 Polls Ending April 6, 2023

Upgrade Proposal: Bedrock
Summary: This proposal seeks authorization to implement the Bedrock upgrade to the Optimism protocol. For a complete overview, please see the proposal post on the forum. More in-depth details, including audits, can be found here.

Recommendation: Vote Yes. This proposal is long awaited, and brings significant upgrades to Optimism, which should lower the barrier for more protocols to deploy to Optimism.

Delegate Suspension: Fractal Visions
Summary: This proposal seeks to suspend delegate Fractal Visions from Optimism’s official forum and Discord for a period of 3 months for the infraction of intentional doxxing.

Recommendation: Vote Abstain. The Delegate Code of Conduct is explicit that intentional doxxing, as appears to have occurred here, is classified as a “severe” offense. The OP team states they have been provided with 6 files that verify doxxing occurred in a public setting, and Fractal Visions has not denied that they doxxed, except to the extent they only collected already public information, including a photo.

Without evidence to evaluate (given the nature of the accusation), it is impossible to verify whether and to what extent the doxxed handle was already associated with a specific person, including the supposed photo. While it seems very probable that there was harassment of the reporter by the accused, which carries a similar penalty as intentional doxxing, that is not the grounds on which this vote is being argued. In absence of any evidence beyond the word of an unknown reporter and the forum replies of the accused, we do not feel it is appropriate to vote for or against suspension.

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