CyberDyn0x Delegate Thread

Cycle 11

Due to the timing of our Agora Delegate Profile creation we missed the 23 March Snapshot and carried 0OP voting power for Cycle 11. As such we approached this cycle as a testing of our teams coordination, deliberation and decision making processes.

Bedrock v2 Protocol Upgrade

Decision: Unanimous 5/5 Support

We support this as a significant step towards the super-chain future based on our understanding of

:art: Design Philosphy
:fire: Reduce Reuse Reengineer
:dart: Ethereum Equivalence
:building_construction: Modularity
:hourglass_flowing_sand: Attention to Security
:safety_vest: Extensive Code Review & Audits
:bridge_at_night: 2-phase withdrawal process

Kudos to @ben-chain & the OP Labs team for this milestone achievement. Thank you for providing transparency. While we can not fathom the true extent of this undertaking we acknowledge the investment of time, talent and expertise, heart and dedication it required :heart_on_fire:

Delegate Suspension

Decision: Undetermined.

Despite robust conversation and discovery process, we had several unresolved questions and were unable to formally confirm supermajority before the closing of this vote. Questions have since been addressed.

Learning: This highlights the need for early awareness and engagement with proposals, prior to voting, to be resolved by our presence at the outset of Cycle 12 onwards.