Delegate Commitments [OLD]

Name: Oxytocin

Address or ENS: ox.ytocin.eth

Discord username: Oxytocin#4643

Verification (Tally profile or tweet):

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Read and agreed with :heavy_check_mark:

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Currently, I am also spending a lot of my time helping the ParaSwap DAO, but I will devote time to my delegate duties as well :heavy_check_mark:

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

While I go into more details about this further down my commitment, I find the ideas the Optimism Collective extremely important to upkeep not just for Optimism, but for the future of Web 3 in general. From the innovative method to distribute OP to maximise social impact to its bicameral governance structure, I believe many important things are being tried out here which can assist all of us.

Decentralised Governance protocols like this one require people lending their expertise to discuss and craft the best possible version of something, and I want to lend my (limited) hand in this. Currently my main focus has been in assisting the ParaSwap DAO with governance, where I work to build a protocol that strives to be a decentralised public good for everyone to be able to access DeFi with. An example of this is our current experimentation with the idea of Social Escrow, in which protocol fees would be distributed to users that provide the most Positive Externalities to the protocol.

I’ve wanted to contribute to build here for a while, but to be honest, I always considered my impact would be quite limited as a delegate. However, the Protocol Delegate initiative has been the perfect idea to kickstart my participation in the collective, as now I could both represent the interests of my current most-devoted-to DAO while helping build on the Collective! From here, I hope to slowly grow as a delegate that people are familiar with.

My view on the Optimistic Vision :
The Optimistic vision is something that I find both ambitious and incredibly encouraging in equal parts. After all, the idea of having a collective that manages to foster public goods sustainably is one that society has struggled to accomplish (or even try) for hundreds of years.

Despite this cynical take, I believe that Web 3 not only strongly needs to try to follow this ideals as well as they can, but also that thanks to the unique mindset of Web3 of Decentralisation, Open Source and Decentralised Governance we have a pretty good shot of building something great here.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

  1. I understand, and welcome this approach of experimentation. The whole space is only a few years old, so it makes sense that we must iterate and grow over time for the Working Constitution as well.
  2. I am excited to see this bicameral system being used for Optimistic Governance. Similar to what I said in my first point, our current systems of governance are new, so this new approach to balancing short and long term visions is exciting.
  3. As many others have said before, I understand the need of the Foundation to assist with the establishment of the collective, and over time decentralise itself more and more as the Collective becomes self-sustaining and resilient.

My Web3 interests:
Choose ≤ five from the following set. List them as comma-separated values as your answer, like: “A, B, C”.

DAOs, DeFi, Governance, Social Impact, Writing

Languages I speak and write: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

My skills and areas of expertise: My main relevant experience in Web3 comes from DeFi and DAOs, focussing most of my time on the ParaSwap DAO. Because of this, my main relevant skills come from governance research, redaction, communication and such, with DeFi protocols being the section I am most familiar with.

My favorite Web3 projects:
ParaSwap, Aave, Balancer

(There are many, many projects I both love and respect, but due to the 3 project limit, I picked ParaSwap as that is the DAO I am most active in, Balancer as it was the project that raised my interest in DeFi and DAOs, and AAVE because of its strength in demonstrating real-world usage of DeFi early on for me)