Delegate Commitments [OLD]

Name: Lofi Jingles

Address or ENS: hodle.eth

Discord username: LoFi#7899

Verification (Tally profile or tweet):

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process: Yes

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

Iv’e spent the last 6 +yrs working full time as a degen, trading and building connections.
So as someone who lives from the space full time, I believe I can contribute valuable governance.

I align with the values of the Optimism project because scaling Ethereum is important along with fairness to the community.

My view on the Optimistic Vision :

Optimism has the potential to change the environment for public goods. Most public goods are underfunded and misaligned with incentives. I believe Optimism represents a great opportunity to make an impact and I’d like to help contribute.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:
I like the approach of the 4yr bedrock with a commitment to experimentation for dynamic governance, it makes a lot of sense to start humble and adapt to the environment. It also makes a lot of sense to use a bicameral governance system and avoid the concentration of power. this is super important in crypto when community is involved. I agree with all the outlined approaches here to build the strongest and fairest community.

My Web3 interests:
Choose ≀ five from the following set. List them as comma-separated values as your answer, like: β€œA, B, C”.

DAOs, Economics, NFTs, DeFi, Governance, Social impact

Languages I speak and write:

My skills and areas of expertise: [optional]
Like i said i have on the ground experience as a full time degen from early 2017, and believe i represent the common crypto user. I have strong economic and incentive alignment understanding, along with a network of devs and other people in the space.

My favorite Web3 projects: [optional]

  • too many
  • All L1s
  • All zksnarks and zksTarks based projects