Bubli.eth - delegate communication thread

Code of conduct Council: Code of conduct adherence is extremely crucial for smooth and transparent functioning of the DAO. Each member as a contributor, community member, builder, stakeholder, vendor have a common framework of behavior, beliefs, work ethics, professionalism. A need for a separate committee, to handle a case of violation is required, so that there is a non-biased and clinical process of evaluation, fact finding and adherence. Therefore, I support having a separate committee responsible for this.

Ratify Developer Advisory Board Members: I do not know all of the listed members, but the few I know of are the best and on that basis voting a yes to this proposal.

Developer Advisory Board: I understand the need of experts with technical know how to guide the protocol in the right path and I also believe that the selected individuals will be the best and will do their best in all aspects. Voting a yes.

Grant Council Advisory Board: Grant support to public goods is required and a council to oversee the functioning with accountability and responsibility is must. I believe the members chosen will do their best to evaluate and select the right ones.

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