Awesome Optimism

In most other ecosystems there is a Github page that details all the projects being built. I can’t find anything for the OP stack.

If no-one is working on this, would everyone be cool if I took a crack at it?

And if so, who wants to be featured?

It would be great if everyone could comment here on the projects they’re aware of and I can start pulling something together.


Hey Hariseldon, welcome to the Optimism forums!

I believe this page is basically what you’re describing, unless I’m missing something. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind welcome!

While that page is pretty great, it doesn’t quite filter the information to take into account the new Superchain reality.

Like how do I filter between Base, Zora and/or PGN? I’m thinking something similar to GitHub - bekatom/awesome-ethereum: ⚡ Awesome Ethereum Resources except more tailored to the more unique aspects of Optimism.

For example I want to read about the proof system? Ok where is the definitive guide to that? I’ve been reading a lot of Jon Charbonneau lately and he is just really really great. Who are the researchers and what articles should we be highlighting to new people in the ecosystem that are of that quality?

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This sounds more like an addition rather than a whole separate product/endeavour, but I see your point. @latruite.eth has been working on creating and maintaining the Optimistic Vision Reservoir. It’s at an early stage since it was recently approved as a mission in the context of season 4 but perhaps it’s closer to what you had in mind (and closer to “Awesome Ethereum Resources” you shared above.


Hey, I think this might be what you’re looking for. Check out We’ve been updating it for quite a while. Feel free to contribute or suggest any changes you’d like!


GM! I’ll tag some individuals who might find your GitHub page interesting: @joanbp @latruite.eth @dmars300. Let’s hope for some fruitful collaborations!


Thanks,@brichis, for thinking of me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @lucasmon

I noticed your post here, as well as this RetroPGF3 application from another guy:

Your github repository is referenced without much explanation in his application.

That said, his list and yours appear quite different.

Also, I see now that you have an application of your own:

Are you guys collaborating? Two applications referencing the same repository could be a problem - how would a badgeholder decide who, if anybody, should receive what amount of retroactive funding?

Hi Joan.

Abhinav and our team independently worked on the same idea. In early September, Abhinav provided suggestions for additions to our list, as seen from the discussion on this GitHub issue: Certain additions · Issue #2 · lucas-op/awesome-optimism · GitHub. We decided to incorporate his suggestions into our list, resulting in what Abhinav refers to as the “Merged Repo” in his application.

We know that the current situation is not ideal and we have already reached out to him to see if we can consolidate our applications.


We have removed the Abhinav application and the only application of “Awesome Optimism” will be at Optimism Agora.

Thanks for the input from @joanbp !