OP Hub: essential resources and guides about Optimism

Hi everyone! We’re happy to share our initial version of the OP Hub.

We created the OP Hub as a way to easily access and share all useful links, resources and guides about Optimism.

The OP Hub currently includes:

  • Season 5 guides
  • Delegate 101 - a section with useful links
  • Grants and grant resources
  • Current rules and policies
  • Links and channels for contributors stay up to date
  • Other useful resources authored by the community

Check out the OP Hub here

Our aim is for the OP Hub to be useful for both delegates and contributors. Please feel free to share key resources we might have missed and any further suggestions on improving the OP Hub.

Thank you! :red_circle::sparkles:

The Web3 Citizen Team


Hi @web3citizenxyz ,

Amazing work! As I am further wising myself up with knowledge about Optimism this will help with access to new resources.


Bless 0xR


Loving this :heart:. Amazing work, it’s a great help for us and for those who are just joining the forum.


I’ve bookmarked this for future reference—truly exceptional work!


This is awesome! Wondering if the details of this sheet could be further elaborated / updated Season 5 flowchart - Google Sheets


Hi 0xR, CosmicKi, @0xDonPepe and @Sator! Thanks for your comments!

Sator we ended up removing the Season 5 flowchart, as the same timeline is used in the Grants Calendar. You can find it in ‘Optimism Grants Calendar’ under ‘Calendar and Calls’.


Makes sense to me! ty for the follow-up.

This is wonderful. If you weren’t aware already, there are services out there that allow you to easily take a notion page and turn it into a website. I have used Super.so in the past and it is quite good. Might be a good way to take this to the next level without much additional work.