Anticapture Commission

As outlined in the post above, membership has been re-calculated and re-evaluated at the mid-point of Season 5.

There were 2 outlined requirements of existing members:

  • To attend an office hours at least once per Voting Cycle (every three weeks)
  • To provide delegate approvals or a reason for not providing approval on >10% of the proposals requiring approval during the period

While many members did complete these requirements, we have decided not to remove any members for failure to complete them based on learnings and feedback during the first half of the Season.

  • Office Hours have not been as useful as originally imagined, while internal meetings have occurred more than expected. In any case, meeting requirements are challenging due to many timezones and should not prevent someone who is engaged asynchronously from participating. This requirement is likely to be removed in Season 6.

  • The Anticapture Commission is a first of its kind, governance structure, which means the current membership will continue to shape and evolve its mandate. The Commission decided that while the Anticapture Commission should vote on all Protocol Upgrades, they should not vote on other proposals, such as Mission Requests. As the majority of the proposal drafts in the first half of Season 5 were related to Mission Requests, the criteria to provide a minimum amount of draft approvals no longer makes sense.

All existing members must still qualify based on the requirements for all top 100 delegates:

  • Maintain = > 70% voting participation from time of first vote cast, provided > 3 votes cast. Delegates that cast their first vote in 2022 will be eligible with = > 65% voting participation. This parameter may be updated in Season 6, if the program is continued, if it is found to be overly restrictive.
  • Have received retro rewards for governance contributions, whether as delegates in any of S1-S4.

All existing members requalified based on these criteria, as well as three additional delegates that have opted-in to participated for the remainder of Season 5:

  • ITU Blockchain
  • Griff Green
  • she256

There are many other interesting learnings from the first Season of the Anticapture Commission, which will be shared during the next Reflection Period.

  • The Grants Council Lead was replaced midseason and the Security Council stepped down from the Anticapture Commission to focus fully on her duties on the Security Council. These positions were not replaced.