Anticapture Commission Communication Thread

Updates - Voting Cycle #20

The Anticapture Commission membership has been re-calculated and re-evaluated at the mid-point of Season 5. You can read more about it here.

We warmly welcome the new members:

For Voting Cycle #20, @gene will replace @teresacd as representative of the Code of Conduct Council.

The list of members is as follows:

  • Brichis (Anticapture Commission Lead)
  • Gonna.eth (Grants Council Lead)
  • Gene (Code of Conduct Council Representative) [New]
  • Blockchain @ USC
  • Butterbum
  • Ceresstation
  • GFX Labs
  • Griff Green [New]
  • ITU Blockchain [New]
  • Joxes (SEED Latam)
  • Katie Garcia
  • Lefteris
  • L2BEATs
  • Michael Vander Meiden
  • MinimalGravitas
  • MoneyManDoug
  • OPUser
  • PGov
  • She256 [New]
  • StableLab
  • web3magnetic
  • 404 DAO

Their addresses will be added to the whitelist on Snapshot as soon as they complete the KYC process required to become a member of the Anticapture Commission. With 22 members, the quorum for our Snapshot Space will be of 14 members.

No votes were required during Voting Cycle #20; consequently, our Office Hours resembled a water cooler talk. During our Internal Meeting, we welcomed new members and discussed changes following the membership recalculations. The discussion also revolved around the voting method to be used for the next Voting Period. Catch the discussions here.

Thanks to all members for their engagement with the Commission, as well as to @op_julian and @lavande, for their significant help with the membership re-calculation. :pray: