S5 Grants Council Lead Appointment

This post is to confirm the appointment of @Gonna.eth as Lead of the Grants Council for the remainder of Season 5, effective Feb 5. Lund Ventures will resign from the position in support of @Gonna.eth’s appointment. The Grants Council is now operating at a level that far exceeds expectations, and this is a logical transition point to provide another community member the chance to lead. Lund Ventures will provide support Gonna during the transition to ensure that the Council runs.

It has been an honor to lead the Council. On a personal note, I am planning professional and personal transitions that will require more focus and time than expected at the outset of this Season. I am grateful to remain a member of the Optimism community, and I look forward to this next chapter.


I’m grateful to have had Dane as a mentor during his time as Lead of the Grants Council. His guidance has been invaluable, and I appreciate his ongoing support as I step into this new role. Looking forward to continuing the positive momentum within the Optimism community. You leave a high bar of fairness and professionalism that I wish to perpetuate. Thank you :heart:.


Thank you @danelund.eth for being the first Council Lead and setting much of the foundation that the current Council will continue to build on :heart:

The procedure outlined in the Collective Council Framework stipulates that a Council Lead may appoint a replacement with 7 days notice, so this change will be assumed to go into effect 7 days from today unless clarified to occur at a later date.

Welcome @Gonna.eth as the new Council Lead! You’ve already been very involved in Council operations for multiple seasons, so I’m confident you’ll be able to manage the transition smoothly but please let us know if you need any additinoal support


The Grant Council wouldn’t be what it is without Dane. I hope the Collective recognizes the extraordinary amount of work and insight he’s delivered by running (up to literally today) this project, which is now leaps ahead of all of its peers and in my opinion one of the best things to come out of any DAO. Personally, I know I’ve gotten much better at my job here because of his influence. And this season is going to succeed because of the framework he’s already laid out for it.

And Gonna’s obv going to do a phenomenal job carrying on his work. I think we all know that. And funny enough, I think now is a natural time for this transition, with much of the structural work having been done and the admin work about to go live.


Job well done Dane. You have done amazing work until now for the Collective Grant Council.

And congrats on your new role Gonna.

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