Anticapture Commission Reports

Commission Reports should be shared with the Citizensā€™ House when the Commission believes an imbalance or conflict has arisen in the Token House that needs to be addressed by the Citizensā€™ House. Most often, this will relate to a vote that the Commission believes the Citizensā€™ House should consider veto-ing.

MVP Process

  • The Anticapture Commission may file two types of reports:
    • Statement of Concern: Early alert to badgeholders about imbalances arising in Token House
    • Request for Veto: Request for badgeholders to veto a specific proposal
  • Both types of reports must be posted on the forum and Discord (tagging badgeholders)
    • Requests for veto must be posted no later than the start of the voting period for the relevant proposal
  • Badgeholders should abstain from voting on a proposal until the next Voting Cycle if they believe further deliberation is needed
  • The Foundation will facilitate a deliberation between Houses during the subsequent review period, if needed

MVP Statement of Concern Template

  • Statement of concern
  • Steps taken to address concern in the Token House
  • Recommendation to Citizensā€™ House
  • Proposed forum for further deliberation

MVP Request for Veto Template

  • Overview of proposal
  • Reasons why the proposal should be vetoed
  • Steps taken to revise the proposal in the Token House
  • How the proposal would need to change in order to remove the need for veto