Airdrop Ethereum Validators (Beacon Chain Contract Depositors)

100% agree with this sentiment here. Less exclusionary thinking!

Good points! I think airdrop for stakers is a good idea,especially solostaker and individual node operators of decentralized take pool.They are firm believers, participants and builders of blockchain.Personally safeguard the safety, stability and values of Ethereum, maintain the decentralization of the network, and make contributions to public infrastructure. The construction power is far greater than the speculative power. It will also be very beneficial to optimsim community in the future, with a good image and great value.

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Yes,good.I think EthBeaconchainValidators is a forgotten group that should be airdropped. They are protecting the security of EthereumL1 and Optimsim. In particular, solostaker identified that he holds eth. I believe that those who can take out 32ETH and run beaconnode and validator by themselves are able to judge that they will pay the opportunity cost of investing in a bull market. And they took a lot of risks, especially the genesis validators. At that time, they took a lot of unknown risks and the whole chain failed.So I think this behavior should be encouraged no matter whether they are OptimismDao users or not, and it is beneficial to attract them to join optimismdao.
In addition, we suggest that we should consider attracting them to accept OP as a tip in the future and give priority to providing L1 attestation for optimsim.

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Yes, I agree that it would be a single flag for yes/no, would not depend on the number of deposits made.

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This problem can be solved by calculating Etherscan Eth2-Depositor address, Beacon Chain Genesis Depositor POAP poap, etc

I have done bridge eth and not eligible for Airdrop :unamused:

I can not be agreeing with this transparence … all :star_struck:

Updated the list, Next step is a formal proposal. GitHub - GLCNI/ETH-Validators-List: List of Addresses that Deposited the Ethereum Beacon Chain Contract

The list includes, 8666 solo validator owned addresses in its current form (until end of April, I will update for month of May and monthly until the merge) If you are a validator, check for your address, or Rocketpool node account address is included

Almost 9k addresses (likely more in coming months), is a large distribution especially considering quality of recipient, validators will add value to optimism network.
As a genuine L2 (not sidechain) Optimism is an extension of ETH, validators are integral to the network and should have a say in Layer 2. Most likely to run full nodes on L2 and sequencers when available. Reality is most users do not run nodes and have no interest in doing so.

If you aren’t in this list, because you don’t have enough ETH I strongly encourage you to support this, there are solutions around the corner to run ‘shared’ validators with as little as 4 ETH, eg:OBOL network and SSV.
It is essential for the long-term success of Ethereum we do not allow the chain to be captured and monopolised by a few entities, external incentives such as this will have positive effect on decentralisation.
In time the ROI of being a validator could outweigh minting liquid staking derivatives, as other layer 2s/projects will likely include validators in future distributions.


Outstanding work mate thankyou!

Great work, love the progress you’re making on this.

This part is so important though:

Lido is at 32.39 % [] - anything we can do to encourage solo staking (or in fact anything other than Lido) at this point is an incredibly important public good. To keep it maximally relevant to this forum, if Ethereum is captured then Optimism’s base layer is no longer credibly neutral.


Are operators running their validators through a service like allnodes going to be included or excluded from the address list? It’s not quite the same thing as someone using a service like Lido or coinbase as it’s non-custodial in nature, although, I understand if the ethos is still too stringent to include these validators. Something to keep in mind is that if there is a way to distinguish these operators the proportion of the airdrop allocated to them would reach them directly as individuals as allnodes is a non-custodial service. Full disclosure, I’m asking this as someone who can’t solo stake at home due to geographical limitations on my internets reliability and found renting server space to be the next best thing in terms of decentralization.

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If you deposit to Allnodes, does your address is used as the deposit address? Or are they collecting your ETH and then send it to the beaconchain themselves? I don’t know Allnodes that well. But if you send the ETH yourself then you should be in that list.

Can you try to find your address in this list and let me know? if you own the keys to this address and made the deposit yourself to the beacon chain, It should be included. i’m not sure what element of control allnodes has over your node, the ethos is to target solo validators supporting ethereum, they either have to provide resources: captial and infrastructure, or pay for it (VPS).
there’s going to be some edge cases, contract addresses where excluded from this list, even with rocketpool, it wasn’t as simple as the node account creates a unique contract address which makes the deposit to the beacon chain. I had to get the rocketpool addresses from another contract. RPL operators obviously need to be included as they run and manage nodes/validators it’s just different in how the deposit is made.


I think that is a good thing!

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Well done, the community is full of vitality because of your partner

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I double checked, my address isn’t on the list.

Clarification, I was mistaken to some extent. Allnodes could be classified as semi-custodial, they’re not in control my private key, but they do have a copy of my validator key. It is possible to shut off the linode server that is rented through Allnodes and move the validator to one’s own home server or another vps if a person desires. I do have custody of both my private key and validator keys.

Allnodes simplifies the process to a fault in this case, and that might be what the issue is, as they suggest people use the abyss finance smart contract to deposit to the beaconchain contract address, as it is more user friendly. (Allnodes does support depositing to the beaconchain contract directly though.)

This is my validators ETH 1 address. (I’m fine disclosing all this information, especially if it helps the community at large.)

(Link had to be broken up in order to post all 3 links)
https:// etherscan .io/address/0x2ecB2e40762EDf33ff20EE9A37C5A8F6327aAe31

This is the deposit transaction that interfaced with the abyss finance contract and the beaconchain contract for my validators public key.

And this is the beaconscan page showing that the validator is in fact mine, and the associated ETH 1 address is my address as provided in the first link.

As far as I can tell all the abyss finance contract does is take the ETH sent to it and immediately deposit it for a person onto the beaconchain in the same transaction.

Personally I feel that staking on an allnodes vps fits the ethos to target solo validators as anyone using an allnodes vps can change servers at any time and use their validator keys elsewhere.

Thankyou for your time


An allnodes user sends the ETH themselves either through the abyss finance smart contract, which sends it to the deposit address (for their ETH 2 validator public key) or by sending the ETH directly to the deposit address. I wrote a detailed post above this one!

Good idea.This is what we should do, in line with our values.

Update on this, I will include June and May depositors this week in the airdrop list, a formal proposal will be published shortly after, targeting 1st week of July.

if you wish to get involved, please get in touch I would be happy to get help

some additional discussion on this forum post here: [READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Raptor - #69 by GLCstaked

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I like the sound of this. Ethereum validators have demonstrated authentic commitment to the network. Exchanges and Lido should definitely be excluded. RocketPool validators could perhaps be included though as they still contribute to decentralisation and this lowers the barrier for smaller solo stakers.

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