Brainstorming How to become eligble for AIRDROP #2

we can talk here about how to qualify for AIRDROP #2

A few requirements!

  1. Keep it tidy
  2. Don’t give financial advice to anyone

Okaaay people letsgooo :slight_smile:

1.OP quest nft miner:4,7,10,14,18NFTs ladder reward.
2.Active user on optimism:Every two weeks have at least 4txs.
3.Active user on Etherum:have at least 50txs on mainet since POS day.
4.Optimism governance participants:delegate OP to delegators or vote at least 5 proposals.
5.Optimism 2022 phoenix NFT miner.
6.Gitcoin donor From June 1,2022 to February 1,2023.


how do you know?? Did you refer to the previous one?

Love your thoughts on this.