Second Airdrop Announcement

Hello fellow crypto enthusiasts, I am excited to write my first post here!!

I am thrilled to be a part of the Optimism Crypto community and I am excited to share my thoughts on the recent announcement of a second airdrop.

As a current holder of the token, I believe that this second airdrop is a fantastic idea. Not only will it provide more opportunities for new users to get involved with the project, but it will also reward current holders for their continued support. This shows a strong commitment from the team to not only growing the community but also rewarding the early adopters.
I am looking forward to seeing the positive impact that this second airdrop will have on the project and I am excited to see where Optimism Crypto will go in the future. Let’s continue to support the team and grow this amazing community together! :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:


Optimism going for another round of quests would be a good idea to increase network usage and users. Not everyone who’s contributing to the network is genuine with a lot of sybils going on lately. Maybe contribution such as running a bedrock node, searching for bounty audits by devs should be considered as a small part for the upcoming airdrop to increase dev contribution.