AIRDROP #2 eligibility process suggestions

I would love to see what the team at OP Labs :test_tube: could do with this type of technology…

We have just implemented this as one of our new partners to increase security for our community and would love to see Optimism bring on new partners like this to help with the sybil attackers.

User Wallet Fraud Detection

This API flags wallets with irregular patterns that are common among malicious actors. Banks have developed the ability to identify patterns of transactions that allow them to freeze accounts complicit in money laundering. SHIELD analyzes blockchain transaction history to develop its own fraud detection models.

SHIELD gives access to input variables useful for predicting scams before they happen. Some variables include:

Fraudulent Behavior Money Laundering

Wallets with abnormal/rapid movement of funds in a short time frame or interacted with a known exploit

Wallets sending amounts to an alternative wallet which then sends the same amount an exchange

Wallets has created unverified smart contracts

User Tornado Cash Compliance

Monitor your user base for malicious or irregular transaction history

This library detects wallets that have interacted with sanctioned protocols such as Tornado Cash. We also scan for “burner wallets” used to obfuscate illegitimate transfers and a growing range of indicators for malicious actors.

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctioned Tornado Cash on August 8th, 2022.

Transaction Verification and Simulation

Simulate expected outcome of any blockchain transaction

Shield also serves as a robust data provider for bad actor reputational data and enables protocols and infra projects to identify patterns of users that engage in malicious activity.


:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: GUILD + SHIELD :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

  1. DON’T Have anomalous transaction patterns

  2. DON’T Have a history of creating unverified contracts

  3. DON’T Have interactions with known exploits

  4. DON’T Have frequent indirect exchange deposits

  5. DON’T Have direct interactions with Tornado Cash

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I Don’t Like Gitcoin Passport

3 days ago, January 31st. Gitcoin remind me to donate their grants. I tried, but it’s so hard to use.
There is a lot of task i should redo (Which I have done months ago)
Reconnect Twitter gains 2 points.
Reconnect Discord gains 1 points.
And so on.
The website designed like 1990s.
It cost me over 10 hours to wait the button ‘verifying’ become ‘save’

Use Gitcoin Pass? Next Life, this website is too stupid.


Maybe only with GALAXY PASSPORT I suppose.

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I totally agree with you.
In order to have a good score you have to doxx yourself, which is the opposite of the vision of people in crypto. We all should be equal with rewards if we met the same requirements. There is a lot of way to provide sybils.
And secondly, the site is very slow. Buttons are broken and nothing works when you want to verify an asset.

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Yes, I never used any product stupid like this.
And I need to finish almost all of the tasks so that I can donate.


Gitcoin is overwhelmed with airdrop hunters. Every twitter account tweeting which grants to fund so I’d definitely drop gitcoin users from the airdrop as it’s 90% airdrop hunters. Bright ID is a no go for majority of crypto users. Just my2cents.


i think its a good idea imo

Proud to be part of the Optimism Collective!


I think as long as there are slightly stricter regulations and deep participation in ecological governance, witches should be prevented

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Great advice! i definitely agree


People can’t even get 21 points on gitcoin talk mote of 25

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BridghtID seems like a bad idea for me. Remember figment acitivites back in the days when same guys verified like 5-10 accs just showing themselves, not an option.

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BAB token - Binance Account Bound Token. One account - one person.


In theory this is a good option against bots and multi-accounts

But still many people want to remain anonymous, so I think we should consider other options

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Allowing third parties to collect personal data in the form of a BAB token or Galxy passport is the last thing in a decentralized community. Is not it so? :roll_eyes:
Gitcoin passport would probably be a good option if it functioned well. In my opinion, the mechanism has not been completed yet. There is confusion with the trust bonus, the linking of the github account and the constant unlinking of profiles.
Bright ID, as indicated above, requires the presence on zoom call, which is also quite strange and indicates that the technology is crude.

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You could also use guild with a number of different integrations that are readily available to cross verify or 2FA with multiple requirements including github or twitter to access a private server and then give the google docs token gated access to those who pass the cross app integration gateway and continue to fill out the private form with designated wallet address to the submission for a proper safety procedure …

Then on top of that you could also pull the wallet addresses of those who have completed the form straight from the guild database and distribution of BAB could be done on a much more private level so there is no risk of personal information being shared without permission.

Plus the Attestation Station is also integrated with guild from OP Labs which is coming into play with the structure of the Optimism discord and token gated channels for designated members of the governance.

Building an attestation station also provides a great way to verify the authenticity of the user. We have recently opened a discussion about this and would love for members here to give additional feedback.


I hate gitcoin now! It is putting the baggage on loyal users. Instead of supporting , they are becoming autocratic and has changed a lot, well they are not there without their early adopters. If optimism can think and create a project similar to Gitcoin, I am definitely moving over!

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I am suggesting a pfp OP exclusive mark or something like SBT that can be seen in any social media or blogs - only for loyal OP something like the Diamond Roles given to Openchat early users of ICP.

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Feedback on Airdrop #2 can be shared here