4th Citizens’ House community call [October 3rd @ 9am PT / 12pm ET / 6pm CET]

Citizens’ House Call #4 Summary

RetroPGF3 Application Review Process
Objective: Eliminate applications that violate application rules.

  • Any individual can flag an application for a rule violation.
  • Badgeholder Reviewers determine whether the application violates the specified rules in the report.
  • Badgeholder Reviewers vote to remove applications violating the rules (a minimum of 2 votes is required).
  • All badge holders can apply to become a reviewer (applications accepted until October 16th).
  • The evaluation process is scheduled from October 24th to November 1st (a commitment of 6 hours is required per badgeholder).
  • Reviewers will be compensated with a portion of 20k OP tokens (Aiming for 10-20 reviewers).

RetroPGF3 Builder Demonstration (recommend viewing call recording)

  • Opensource Observer: A tool quantifying impact for OSS projects. Presently working on a database of OSS projects along with their dependency, active developer, and onchain user metrics.
  • Agora: Integrating new tabs for exploring badgeholders and RetroPGF3 projects. Review your pre-vote ballot allocations. Direct feedback to @zhayitong via X or Telegram.
  • Supermodular: Developing a portal for navigating and voting on RetroPGF3 projects. Note that once your RetroPGF3 vote is cast, it cannot be changed.
  • Pairwise: Allocate votes by assigning expertise, assigning budgets, and comparing two projects at a time. You can adjust percentage allocations for each category and project. Adjustments to percentage allocations can be made for each category and project.
  • RetroPGF Hub: A platform to nominate and explore RetroPGF3 projects.
  • Givepraise.xyz: Give and receive praise in the form of attestations.