4th Citizens’ House community call [October 3rd @ 9am PT / 12pm ET / 6pm CET]

Hello Collective!

We will have our 4th Citizens’ House community call on Tuesday, October 3rd, at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. CET.

The Zoom link is here

Added to the governance calendar.

As always, everybody is welcome. Please add any agenda topics to this thread if you’d like.

See you there!

Record link


GM @Gonna.eth! How about we squeeze in a quick 10-minute Praise Game? Giveth’s presentation it’s a good example:

Maybe we can do something shorter, 1 praise per badgeholder for example or directly in the #feel-the-love channel and someone reads it? wdyt?


Agenda item

Rescueing DAOstewards from forum jail


Citizens’ House Call #4 Summary

RetroPGF3 Application Review Process
Objective: Eliminate applications that violate application rules.

  • Any individual can flag an application for a rule violation.
  • Badgeholder Reviewers determine whether the application violates the specified rules in the report.
  • Badgeholder Reviewers vote to remove applications violating the rules (a minimum of 2 votes is required).
  • All badge holders can apply to become a reviewer (applications accepted until October 16th).
  • The evaluation process is scheduled from October 24th to November 1st (a commitment of 6 hours is required per badgeholder).
  • Reviewers will be compensated with a portion of 20k OP tokens (Aiming for 10-20 reviewers).

RetroPGF3 Builder Demonstration (recommend viewing call recording)

  • Opensource Observer: A tool quantifying impact for OSS projects. Presently working on a database of OSS projects along with their dependency, active developer, and onchain user metrics.
  • Agora: Integrating new tabs for exploring badgeholders and RetroPGF3 projects. Review your pre-vote ballot allocations. Direct feedback to @zhayitong via X or Telegram.
  • Supermodular: Developing a portal for navigating and voting on RetroPGF3 projects. Note that once your RetroPGF3 vote is cast, it cannot be changed.
  • Pairwise: Allocate votes by assigning expertise, assigning budgets, and comparing two projects at a time. You can adjust percentage allocations for each category and project. Adjustments to percentage allocations can be made for each category and project.
  • RetroPGF Hub: A platform to nominate and explore RetroPGF3 projects.
  • Givepraise.xyz: Give and receive praise in the form of attestations.

Hey think I don’t see “ThinkDecade” locked. is this a different account?

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Yhup. it’s a different account.

Here’s the account details

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Solved, was blocked for “typing to fast” if you copy/paste something give it a second before replying.


Thank you fren, I appreciate you.