5th Citizens’ House community call [October 31st, 4 PM UTC]

Hello Collective!

We will have our 5th Citizens’ House community call on Tuesday, October 31st, at 4 PM UTC.

The Zoom link is here

Added to the governance calendar .

As always, everybody is welcome. Please add any agenda topics to this thread if you’d like.

See you there!

This is the link to the recorded call


Thank you @Gonna.eth for notice🙌🏻

Two items for the agenda I’d like to pitch in :slight_smile:

  1. 5 min intro to the Impact Evaluation Framework
  2. Shout-out to the categorization initiative for List creation

Thanks @Gonna.eth !


5th Citizens’ House Community Call Summary


Application Review Process:

  • Over 850 RetroPGF3 applications were reviewed in the first round; 147 are pending in the second.
  • An appeals process is in place for projects that were removed.

Badgeholder Manual:

  • Feedback is sought on the Badgeholder Manual to guide the voting cycle.
  • Recognition of the quorum issue for project voting thresholds and whether badgeholders should vote 0 or not vote at all for projects they believe have an impact gap of 0. Each application needs a minimum quorum of votes from 17 badgeholders to receive funding.
  • Concerns and confusion about the voting weights and token distribution process. The Badgeholder Manual is referenced for clarity, with promises to add illustrative examples.

Impact=Profit Framework

  • An Impact=Profit Framework has been developed to assess impact across various categories. It’s designed to aid badgeholders in evaluating projects by providing high-signal impact indicators.
  • Discussion about balancing projects that extract more profit than have generated impact. A proposal is suggested to implement a threshold. Concerns about setting profitability thresholds are raised that might disincentivize exceeding allocated amounts.

Impact Evaluation Framework:

  • Impact Evaluation Framework to be used for projects, stressing meaningful metrics.
  • Importance of evaluating projects on performance, security, resilience, and metrics, especially in impact to the Optimism Collective.


  • Jonas and Griff will be at Devconnect. Onchain Summit Workshop
  • Meeting preparations for gathering RetroPGF folks in Istanbul, seeking volunteers for hosting.
  • Upcoming impact evaluation workshops for badgeholders, with content to be available on YouTube.

Thanks for the summary Ethdaily!