Split delegation

First message here, please be kind.

I was wondering why do we have to delegate all our voting power to one person. Why can’t we split it the way we want. After all nobody represents 100% what we’re thinking. We might want to trust 2 different people to average our position somehow.
What do you think?


Hi @cryptocyss, welcome to the forums! Unfortunately, the current on chain governor contract does not have this functionality of partial delegation. However, the Agora team has been working on upgrading the existing Governor Contract through a Foundation created mission in May, 2023 that will include new functionality, including partial delegation. Feel free to read more here: RFP: Governor v2 Contract · Issue #64 · ethereum-optimism/ecosystem-contributions · GitHub


thank you so much for responding.
I’ll read it carefully :slight_smile:

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gm gm @cryptocyss :wave: welcome to the forms!

Thank you @honn24x :pray: for directing them!

Just posted an update on the Advance Delegation (which will include split delegation) as you’ve mentioned – excited to have you and other folks give it a try!

Please feel free to DM us or submit any feedback directly on the website: vote.optimism.io

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