Signaling intention to become a Badgeholder

Who are you?
ZEFIRIUM aka Sergo. Ambaasador in training and recipient of 3 RPGF3 grants:

  • Ambaasador
  • Individual
  • Optimism_CIS

I work with the community through my Telegram, Twitter, YouTube: Podcasts, AMA sessions, posting, contests, courses and collaborations. I’ve been an active participant in the ecosystem for almost a year.

I also created Optimism_Collab to help the ecosystem grow through collaborations and cooperation of interested projects.

Why do you want to become a badgeholder?
I have a good understanding of how RPGF works and all of my grant applications have been approved. I have analyzed the work of BHs and Contributors involved in RPGF3 & RPGF2. I have also presented my vision for the next rounds in this thread: RetroPGF Experimentation: Voting Algorithms - #11 by ZEFIRIUM.

I am sure that I can benefit the community, unite the efforts of the contributors and help with the systematization of jamming techniques and their verification.

What are your areas of expertise?
Community and education. ETH ecosystem analytics and L2 solutions.
Collaboration and workflow organization.

Contact point:
Telegram: @serg260597 (preferred method for communication)
Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @ZEFIRIUM_CRYPTO


Discord: zefirium.eth