So what's the plan of Airdrop#2?

WHEN and HOW the Airdrop#2 would proceed, does anyone know?


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Wow, thx very much, but what the link is it?

Thank you very much bro, I really need these details to read.

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It seems like much less than Airdrop#1, doesn’t it? I remembered the #1 had airdroped almost 200 millions op, but this chart only list 36 millions.

Thx bro, you too…we all loved this chain project

yep, I calculated all the categories on the list airdrop#1 you post, it had distributed almost 215 million in total. But the chart you listed above about protocols, it only list 36 million, and considering there are much more users than phase 1, so I afraid that users can only get dozens or hundreds OP this round.

OP Allocations | Optimism Docs

thx bro, I appreciate it.

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Hi y’all,

Airdrop #2 has not been announced. If you see any tweets about it or users claiming to know what the airdrop will be, they are most likely trying to scam you.

Note that retroPGF #2 is NOT an airdrop.

Stay safe y’all!

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I think it’s still like round 1, as an optimistic user, and in round 2 there are a few additions… What are these additions, this is a secret

Nice, I just curious that when would it be announced the #2

Understood, thx bro, I just curious that when would it be announced the #2

Its a secret.doing all i can r8 now

Will likely involve lots of different types of participation in the OP community / ecosystem (E.g., working through the NFT quests, delegating and or voting on proposals, etc.).

Incentive / public good generation that OP designed is smart given it provides a strong opportunity to create more participation and test various Defi protocols, especially those that are more complex (E.g., perpetuals etc.)

yes, I agree with that