Season 5 Feedback Thread

Hey everyone,

Was discussing with @lavande on discord and wondering why Request 2F: Hosting “Optimism Unleashed” event at EthCC 2024 isn’t being funded despite budget being left (see vote here: Agora - OP Proposal: Mission Requests: Intent #2, 4M OP)

It turns out it’s because of the way the approval-ranking system is designed. I would like to suggest to adapt it (and perhaps take example from the ENS DAO).

I’d like to address a potential inefficiency in our current approval-ranking voting system with a hypothetical scenario:

Imagine we have a budget of 1 million OP. The top-ranked proposal asks for 100,000 OP and gets funded. The next highest-ranked proposal requests 1,000,000 OP, which exceeds our remaining budget of 100,000 OP, so it’s not funded. Under the current system, we stop here, leaving 900,000 OP unallocated.

However, if we had a system that allowed us to fund lower-ranked proposals that fit into the remaining budget, we could potentially fund other valuable projects within that unused 900,000 OP.


Consider revising the system to allow funding of smaller, lower-ranked proposals that can fit within the remainder of the budget. This approach would maximize our resource utilization and support a greater number of initiatives.

Let me know what you think!