Rubicon - Delegate Communication Thread

This thread provides a record of Rubicon’s voting history and our reasoning for each voting decision. Future votes will be added to this thread over time.


Rubicon became a delegate and was allocated voting power as part of the Protocol Delegation Program.

Voting Address: delegate.rubicon.eth (0xaa31CB426e2C83cDa9C850874D166d7fcA836B14)

Voting History

Season 3 Cycle 11 (2 votes)

Upgrade Proposal Bedrock

Rubicon voted For the Bedrock Upgrade Proposal.

Upgrading a live network is a difficult task that presents coordination and technical challenges to the entire Optimism community. Throughout the Bedrock development process, security was of paramount importance and the Collective devised good practices for future upgrades. We’re excited to see the Bedrock improvements in production!

Delegate Suspension: Fractal Visions

Rubicon voted For the suspension.

In this case, the delegate’s behavior was a clear violation of the Code of Conduct.