RetroPGF 3: Voting badge distribution results

Update on the results of the RetroPGF 3 voting badge distribution.
You can find the original post on the Round 3 Voting badge distribution process here :point_left:


There are a total of 146 badgeholders in RetroPGF 3.
76 of which were newly introduced via the voting badge distribution process.

  1. 42 badgeholders were selected by badgeholders who voted in Round 2
  2. 24 badgeholders were selected by the top 50 recipients of Round 2
  3. 7 badgeholders were selected by the Optimism Foundation
  4. 4 badgeholders were selected by the badgeholders selected by the Optimism Foundation (see 3.)

Badgeholder Attestations

All voting badges are recorded as attestations via the Ethereum Attestation Service:

  • You can find the badgeholder attestation schema here
  • The attestations were issued from the address 0x621477dBA416E12df7FF0d48E14c4D20DC85D7D9
  • Each attestation includes a “refferedMethod” and “Referred By” field, allowing for the traceability of how the badgeholder was selected to participate.

You can view all badgeholder profiles on :point_left:

The future of Citizenship Selection

Ownership over citizenship distribution will eventually be the responsibility of Optimism’s two-house governance system and will be issued based on the reputation that Optimism Collective members have earned. We invite badgeholders and community members to discuss what reputation-attributes (in the form of attestations ) could be valuable for future Citizenship selection in this thread :point_left: