Retroactive Delegate Rewards for Season 1 & 2

Thank you. This is a good approach.

Can you provide detais about how you define “top active delegates from Seasons 1 & 2.”

And yes this needs to become standardized, not an one-off.


This will be challenging to determine top active delegates from Seasons 1 and 2, as alot of stuff was done in DMs and other discord channels.

You can get an idea of active delegates though by looking at cycle round ups:


Will the information to identify “top active delegates” be shared publicly?

Using Karma will be helpful here. @mmurthy recent proposal can be used to help with identifying active delegates and rewarding them.


We received a grant in season-2 to build Delegate dashboard which shows delegate activity. We index delegate activity across snapshot, forum and discord.

We can segment the data by season to understand delegate activity in voting, forum and so on. If we can be of any help, let me know. You can see the delegate dashboard here


198 seems like a decent threshold :grin:

Nice tool. My off-chain voting is in the 99th percentile

Nice tool!

One major thing the tool is not capturing is the wallets that could not vote for multiple seasons (Ex: The Synthetix Ambassadors). Though, their activity can be track by looking through the discord channels, OP forums, looking at the Voting Cycle Summaries, and talking to the protocols. ALOT of work has been put into Optimism Governance.

I also think the Defi Shadow Committee should be considered here, I know first hand the time Commitment put into it reviews (@jackanorak was a great committee lead).


def appreciate the callout by @mastermojo , but for my part i didn’t/don’t expect any compensation specifically for our work as the shadow committee, nor do I want it - this was stuff we did on the side to try to demonstrate the minimum work we think committees should be doing

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Thank you so much for building this with your grant, this is super helpful!

This post has been updated to include eligibility criteria and qualifying addresses


Hello! We believe we should have qualified for these rewards (franklindao.eth). Levande#3900 on discord doesn’t seem to come up with anything; so I just shot you a message on discourse DM. My discord is juanbug#9225 if that’s easy?

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Can we include every delegate call host somehow? I think all of them made an awesome job and should be compensated for it.


Very thankful for this, and I look forward contributing to Optimism for many years to come!


I’m glad these delegates are rewarded. Thanks for the amazing job you’re done.


It seems that a reasonable reward was given to those who worked hard! I will always support you.

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Wow! Thanks! what a pleasant surprise.

One question, how much OP is considered the “votable supply”?

Votable supply is the total amount of delegated OP, for reference see Optimism | OP Token House - Delegate Voting Weight Tracker 🔴🏛


This sounds like a great way to incentivise being active in governance! :heart: