Recap: Community Call #8 (November 8th)

Hey Everyone!

Great discussion today. Here is the recording of the call: November 8 2022 community call 8.mp4 - Google Drive.

Notes from the call:

  • Lots of new governance posts dropped! Best place to find them is here: Guide to Season 3: Course Correcting
  • We will be distributing committee funds using a hybrid approach, 1/2 distributed equally and 1/2 in proportion to the # of proposals reviewed.
  • In response to Messari asking about the appropriate place for the proposal, look at the new posts & we may have some kind of “service provider” proposal type in the future.
  • Lots of discussion happening already in this thread but we discussed improvements on committees, participation, and effectiveness of grants
  • Idea: have a delegate sponsor a proposal
  • Proposers getting feedback from multiple committees was confusing
  • Idea: Maybe have a single bigger committee
  • Idea: Don’t limit the # of committees, accept all who pass.
  • Committees did seem help out delegates as far as effort to vote goes.
  • Idea: send survey to proposers to see how the process was for them.
  • Idea: have scaling vote threshold for amount of OP requested. For example, 4mil OP grants should have more buyin than 100k grants
  • General consensus that we would love having the committee recommendations directly in the snapshot description for voting.

If I missed anything let me know and I’ll add it!

-Michael :slight_smile: