[READY TO VOTE] Governance Mentorship Program Mission Request

i really don’t think we need a course for this we just need people to show up and recognize the stakes

and you don’t need 40k OP to get a few delegates to lead others around; i’d do it for free. we already hold several types of office hours.

I am pretty confident these will accomplish exactly none of the real objectives of our intent, and this mission request almost acknowledges this because the impact measurements are entirely irrrelevant

This is just assembling people who are being compensated for their time for a survey so they can say “yeah idk this was okay”

I think without a real hypothesis behind work like this it’d be a waste to put out this mission request as is.

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As a relatively new delegate, we see great value in a mentorship program, if done with integrity.

We believe @jackanorak brings up strong points, and could see this being much less impactful if it simply revolves around quizzes and surveys.

A mentor/menteeship program that actually develops stronger relationships throughout the OP collective could be very valuable long term.

This could be a generational program, where mentees are encouraged to eventually find and onboard their own mentee, thus making them a new mentor, and creating a chain of families within the collective to better pass down information, value, and access to opportunities.

Granted this evolves into the full bodied mentorship program we are optimistically envisioning, AB will approve, and would love to participate & help contribute.

Approval - I am an Optimism delegate 1 with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

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Thank you for the feedback @AdvantageBlockchain

I just want to clarify that quizzes and surveys are

and hence the applicants are free to innovate around their own ideas and leverage their expertise to take full advantage of various delivery methods.

This is definitely the goal

this isn’t exactly true. below is what’s required:

This isn’t just a mentorship program – it’s another one of those lessons with required input and collaboration from delegates. And there aren’t even standards around them.

  • What is the hypothesis behind requiring a curriculum (presumably with quizzes) rather than simply organizing delegates to help
  • Who contstitutes underrrepresented groups, and who is responsible for determining that the groups labeled as underrepresented are in fact underrepresented?
  • What is the purpose behind several mentorship programs, which is what’s implied by multiple grants going out?
  • “* Create a schedule for one-on-one sessions, workshops, AMA sessions, and community calls.” isn’t this a little redundant?
  • What/whom would the OP be funding? Yes there is design space here but presumably there is some sort of expectation behind the sizing that is offered
  • How are you getting buyin from high-context delegates?

Thank you for the feedback.

The goal behind a curriculum is to have a structure behind activities, which can then be evaluated against the results of each independent initiative. Having multiple programs allows for a diversity of initiaitves which enables the collective to gather variety of data and feedback on which methodologies are effective in the long run.

The OP will be used to compensate for the time of the delegates who will design and deliver this initiative, cost of tooling, other unexpected expenses and incentivising attendees to complete the program. While I agree that there is no consensus around under-represented groups, it is upto each applicant to pitch what they believe is the audience in question and for the GC to make a decision on whether that makes sense.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


Hi @jengajojo is this budget going to be locked for 1 year for applicants? Or is it going to follow the no-sale rule and be distributed to users?

I suggest that the tokens are locked for 1 year


LXDAO has been doing something similar, and we are glad to participate

This is my personal opinion and has no relation with GovNerd, Grants Council or any other group I’m part of.

I remember EthernautDAO giving 3k OP a year ago to every mentor who trained a senior developer from web2 to blockchain developer in optimism. I feel 10k OP for a delegate to do a one-on-one training is huge, contrasting governance training with senior protocol developers this should be less than 1k for each mentor.

The coordination of these mentorships was not an easy thing (very time-consuming), I wonder who is going to track all this with no payment or if the MR considers a management budget.

The Grants Council has opened early submissions as an Indication of Interest for this mission request here

For your application to be considered, the Mission request must pass the Token House vote on February 14th. Early submissions will not be considered if a Mission Request is not approved on the 14th.

Love the idea but think the amount may be a little bit high, I’ll be abstaining from approval on this one.

GM @jengajojo! We’re working on the final list for Mission Requests, but I have a question. I can’t find DAOStewards on the list, nor the address mentioned in the Google Spreadsheet. Could you confirm if you’ve changed the wallet?

Thank you so much!

@hirokennelly @thinkDecade @jengajojo

We need to know if DAOStewards is the only delegate address you have or if you can provide one inside the top 100 delegates for this Mission Request to be official.

The address provided in the link 0xc2490D220419ACdCeD68428Ac413c8483d08D1AB is not part of the top 100 delegates enabled to propose a Mission Request.

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Hey @Gonna.eth @brichis I referred to this dashboard Optimism Governance Dashboard by Curia | Delegate for the top 100, i did not know that there is another list for this. We do not have any other address.

I’d like to request one of the top 100 delegates to sponsor this mission.


Solved, the mission request will move to token house vote sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi @jengajojo and DAOStewards team,

your Delegate Mission Request for the Governance Mentorship Program (GMP) under DAOStewards 9 is a well-structured proposal that aligns closely with Intent 4: Improve governance accessibility. The program’s comprehensive approach towards demystifying governance processes and increasing participation is commendable.

Its like 4 teams? Or 4 People?

Thank you. It’s 4 applicants in total. Applicants can be individuals or teams


Hello @jengajojo . That’s a very interesting idea. I would like to see it in action.

I’d love to see this Governance Mentorship Program in action. It’s a forward-thinking initiative that not only aligns with the intent of improving governance accessibility but also has the potential to create a more vibrant, informed, and engaged Optimism community.

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