[READY][GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Bankless Academy v2

I have voted against this proposal and the recommendation.
My reason for voting against is the allocation of simply providing a team with working capital.
I agree with others in echoing this proposal is better suited for RPGF.

I refer to…


I have no problem with the proposal, I think Bankless deserves much more on the other hand as @OPUser mentioned this should be counted in the RPGF. However, Gov Update #4 says we can evaluate RPGF as the token house so I considered and my vote FOR

I believe that this 30 thousand dollars will be more efficient for the Ecosystem when we compare it with most of the projects that we have funded


Voted yes - following Tooling Committee recommendation


Votes yes as per our own committee’s recommendation.


Vote: Yes

Rationale: It is a minimal request for a project with extensive reach and helps educate web3 newbies. Ideally, this would go under RGPF but, Bankless Academy have a strong track record and this request helps support the greater ecosystem.


The PoolCollective voted yes, following the Tooling committee’s recommendation. Education hyper-structures ftw!


Snapshot vote - passed

@Tetranome can you provide a Telegram handle or other contact method so the Optimism team can get in touch about paying out this grant! Feel free to comment on this thread, DM, or email palash@optimism.io

Hi @Tetranome! It’s been a few months since your OP grant distribution, checking in to see if there is a grant update you could share with the community?

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Hello @lavande & Optimism community :red_circle: :sparkles: Here is a progress update and release timeline for the Layer 2 Blockchains lesson @ Bankless Academy:

We launched the precursor lesson, Layer 1 Blockchains, in early December.

We completed the User Research component of the build the week before Christmas, where we partnered with Layer 2 educator Patrick McCorry to run our small-class learning sessions. These sessions hosted 17 frequent Academy users, and allowed our content team to understand how our users handle the learning of Layer 2 concepts.

These sessions showed us that we were missing content in the Academy user journey around funding Layer 2 wallets for users who aren’t established on Centralised Exchanges. We’ve launched a new micro-lesson format (Mirror articles embedded in the Academy app) to allow us to swiftly plug user journey gaps like this one. In this case, the first article focuses on three ways to fund a wallet on Layer 2 (using Optimism as the example).
By including this in the user journey as prerequisite content (rather than inside the L2 lesson), we can maintain the L2 lesson focus on tech, benefits, and the Optimism ecosystem without having to dilute with explanations of wallet/funding UX.

The Layer 2 lesson is now in the first pass of writing review, where our team is ensuring that the topics, sub-topics, examples and order of presentation our writers have delivered match up with constructive illustration progression, the quest planned by our dev, and the overall Academy user journey.
After this review is complete, the writers will perform edits, and the content will be passed to the illustrators. Quest development and marketing preparations begin next week - @lavande I’m interested to know if there is availability for social media support by the Optimism Collective to boost engagement on launch? This will result in more people completing the Optimism onboarding quest and collecting their Academy soulbound badge.

Speaking of, we just passed 2100 badges minted since our badge launch in October (reminder: these badges are protected by Gitcoin Passport, meaning they’re highly sybil resistant). We’re very happy to be receiving so much app activity during a bear market - it will be interesting to monitor these figures as we release more content and hit the next bull market and as various ecosystems build out utility for these badges :rocket:

We’re currently projecting the lesson release and launch campaign for the first week of February. Thank you for your patience with the build process. We’re excited to release this lesson - the last entry to our essentials curriculum - and get Academy user exploring the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem early next month!

PS: We’re also looking for a tech/culture expert @ Optimism to review the lesson content in the coming weeks. Does anyone have a recommendation/interest themselves?
@katie @mastermojo @polynya


Thanks for the update Tetranome!

I am sure someone from the Optimism team can help with the lesson content, but you can also include Optimism Delegates to help with that as well if the team is tied up.

Feel free to hit me up in DMs along with some of the other delegates, and we can help with any issues.

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I love this proposal and you’ll have my full support.
I’m part of banklessDAO

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I think this could be a great integration into Atestation

@smartcontracts what do you think?

I’m also tagging @Matt he’s a wonderful host to promote these things, he helped us so much with EthernautDAO.

If you ever need anything let me know @Tetranome always happy to support BanklesDAO


me too cant wait . lots of great gems here


IF I delegate my OP to another wallet and this wallet vote, can I get snapshot ?

I’ve just discovered Bankless and it looks brilliant. Im a little bit late but the team has all my support.

Great Iniciative! Congratulations for this idea. Bankless is fantastic

Thank you for including me in the discussion about Layer 2s in 2021, Bankless.

I fully agree with the approach of using Optimism (OP) to fund internal development instead of directly incentivizing users with tokens at this point.

Could you please provide more information about the direct benefits of Optimism that you listed? For example, what topics will be covered in a specific OP lesson and will users have the opportunity to interact with OP applications or just learn about them through screen-based instruction? Additionally, can you explain how the Bankless-native onboarding process will work as a whole and what the user will be introduced to in the OP ecosystem at the end of that process? Lastly, will the marketing strategy be Bankless-native and focus on promoting specific OP lessons and knowledge?

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