Clarifying Bankless Academy's individual application

Hi all, Tetranome from Bankless Academy here :man_astronaut: :rocket:

With recent public discussion around the Bankless brand, I wanted to clarify why Bankless Academy has applied individually to RetroPGF3, and help you understand our relationship to BanklessDAO (the community) and BanklessHQ (the media LLC).

As one of the first projects out of BanklessDAO, the Bankless Academy platform was built to provide web3 education as a 100% free-to-access public good. After a number of successful seasons, our team made the decision to step beyond BanklessDAO funding and seek external sources of income. With this step, the project gained greater independence, now operating as a public goods service within the greater Bankless movement, and Ethereum ecosystem.

As Bankless Academy no longer receives funding allocations from BanklessDAO, we have joined RetroPGF under our own application. Neither BanklessDAO, BanklessHQ, or Bankless Academy share funding sources.* All RetroPGF rewards go towards future content and improvements to the Bankless Academy platform.

I hope this helps to makes the nature of our application more clear. If you have any questions, myself and the team are happy to answer them below! Funding sources and further details available in the application itself.

*For full transparency, today Bankless Academy automatically sends 5% of collectible content proceeds to BanklessDAO to help fund new projects. No other proceeds are shared.


@Tetranome I think that for me there is a clear difference between Bankless hq (which is what I know of the Bankless project from YouTube) and Bankless DAO since we have received clarification from both parties that they are currently two different and independent projects. It follows that Bankless hq has not applied for RetroPGF so we should not mention them here any more.

BUT I think that we should focus on those who have applied for RetroPGF 3 and it should be explained what is the relation of Bankles DAO with ;

  • Nacion Bankless ,
  • Bankless Academy ,
  • Bankless Publishing ,
  • Banklessadria ,
  • Bankless Africa ,
  • Bankless Bengali ,
  • Bankless Japan ,
  • Bankless UA ,
  • Bankless Malayalam ,
  • Bankless DAO Magyar ( Hungarian ) ,
  • BanklessDAO Turkish
    Which all (12) individually applied for RetroPGF (including Bankless DAO)

Thanks for the ping @MS1

I’ll drop an overview here. I have also asked the project champions of each projects to drop a few words.


BanklessDAO, was founded and tokenized by BanklessHQ on the 4th of May, 2021 [here] as an independent organisation to steward the Bankless movement worldwide. BanklessDAO was given the freedom to proliferate the Bankless brand through its projects, and the DAO exists independent from BanklessHQ and Bankless VC. The DAO’s mission is to build user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralised financial technologies through media, culture, and education.

Since 2021, the DAO has been relentlessly building these onramps, funding the proliferation of projects that drive this mission forward via the BANK token. Most projects have not received any external funding apart from public goods funding through Optimism, Gitcoin, and similar organisations.

Funding public goods is hard, and there is no clear business model for how to sustain crypto education and onboarding. Despite this, BanklessDAO and its projects have remained steadfast in their commitment, and have worked tirelessly through the bear market to fulfil their mission.

To understand why there are so many BanklessDAO-related applications, it’s important to understand the structure of BanklessDAO, which was designed to maximise project agency, authority, and autonomy that is befitting of a web3-native organisation.

DAO Structure:

According to its Constitution [here], the DAO is divided into three Organisational Units.

1. Departments:

Departments are core units and the DAO cannot function without them. Currently there are 5 departments: Governance, Ops, Treasury, Marketing and Education. Departments are funded by the DAO on a seasonal basis.

2. Guilds:

Guilds are onboarding centres and communities of practice to help people understand DAO life and get integrated into the DAO and its many projects. These guilds include: Project Management, Developers, Translators, Audio-Visual, Design, Writers, and Research. Guilds are also funded by the DAO on a seasonal basis.

3. Projects:

Projects move the mission of the DAO forward but are expected to become self-sovereign entities; they will not be funded by the DAO in perpetuity.

Projects are the main avenue for the DAO to achieve its mission. Since inception, the DAO has funded over 50 projects.This is the reason why you see independent applications from each project which has been funded by the DAO.


Apart from the fact that you didn’t answer my question, half of your post is what is already known ;

… and doesn’t clarify anything and doesn’t add anything new to this conversation
Namely, I want to find out ;

Are they a representation of those groups ? ; Departments , Guilds , Projects included in the Bankless DAO constitution you sent ? (Article 4: DAO Organizational Units)
@jengajojo pleasespecify which of the above mentioned projects you represent, in order to avoid future confusion. thank you

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All these are projects under the org unit structure of the DAO. Some of them have spun out i.e. no longer need native token incentives, such as Bankless Academy

I represent the DAO via it’s metagovernance project DAOStewards

I hope this helps


Dear @MS1 and Optimism Collective

I will introduce myself. I am CryptoReuMD, project lead of Nación Bankless, the spanish media outlet for onboarding spanish speaking audiences to web3 through media and culture. I’m writing this on behalf of the sentiment and opinion of our subDAO. Already a few months into the forum, as an observer, student and critic of the proposals, I am pleased because each moment has made me a better contributor and allowed me to keep our community aligned with the fundamental principles of ethereum and the optimistic code.

The TL;DR of this forum post is to comment a little bit on the wonderful story we have gone through to become another star in the decentralized universe.

Going back to 2021, on May 4th David Hoffman and Ryan Sean Adams decided to make an AriDrop to their YouTube and Newsletter subscribers. The vision: allow people to continue working and doing what they love, bringing the Bankless philosophy everywhere.

With this first distribution of tokens, Bankless “citizens” (as the Podcast listeners were referred to) began to organize themselves into departments and guilds, and also projects were created. Among them theInternational Media Nodes. At its beginning it represented 16 languages. It was a full bull market many contributors joined. among them Lalo Cripto and Ana Tech who created the Spanish node.

The chain of creation was then: first BanklessDAO, then Translator’s Guild, within them, the International Media Nodes (IMN) and sprouting from there the Spanish node.

With only a few contributors, we began to gain participation within the DAO. I began my way in the governance of BanklessDAO in 2021, reviewing the statistics and impact of the nodes in order to make the distribution of the BANK for future decisions. Our project began to grow, the work was not enough and of 50 members, practically we were 4, this does not sadden us, on the contrary, people who worked initially in BanklessDAO are now in independent projects and even applying to this round of RPGF3.

As the bear market stretched for longer than expected, the time spent in contributions to the DAO became difficult to justify. Our Spanish node team was still motivated, organizing IRL events, translating content, creating content on YouTube and on Spotify.

With time our ambitions grew and we declared ourselves an official branch of BanklessDAO, instead of being a small project within the International Media Nodes. We wanted to become the first fully independent and self- sustainable node, to better be able to dedicate ourselves to break the language barrier completely and onboard people to web3 in Spanish more effectively

The process to achieve this status, which you can read about here, started at the beginning of the year. We don’t have salaries for our contributors, aside from the governance token we distribute, so we rely on Grants. For season 6, our first independent one, we made the proposal in the BanklessDAO forum. We talked with the DAO OGs, people around the ecosystem to read our initiative and reach quorum, this evidently, you can check it in our forum and that’s how we started.

We have been supported by BanklessDAO to survive the depths of the bear market price crashes, however the work didn’t stop. You can see a newsletter “BanklessDAO in spanish proposal Está en LLamas” , where we had the backing of the community to create this initiative.

We seek to be self-sustainable. We always work in a community and make shared decisions. Over time the size of the team has decreased steadily but fortunately those who want to fill in the open positions are arriving. Our voice has been rising but it is clear and strong now.

Our First external funding was from a subDAO, NounsAmigos DAO, a fork of Nouns for Latin American impact projects. We were granted 0.5 E to organize an IRL event, (read the detailed report here) At the time we also started to work with Push Protocol, and you can find what we’ve done here.

We have only benefited from a Gitcoin participation round with Meta Pool and the community round, one from that is about to be disbursed in December, and at all times we continue to grow and create. It is important for me and for all of us to mention that most of our work is considered volunteering since the payment we receive is well below a basic income.

BanklesssDAO is going over some decisive moments of their branding and history, since we are a DAO that shares the same name as DH and RSA. However we (Nación Bankless) have no relationship with either of those companies. Our documentation and our content is our own, such as our videos, creative newsletters, spaces and interviews. (We do some translations to spanish from their free newsletter, as we also do many translations of other web3 content). We are a permissionless community, in which anyone can enter. We have a telegram group to organize our work and through where we teach the tools and the way and also at any time they can leave without any penalty.

We follow the recommendations of each proposal that we have made, without purposes of economic returns, we have begun to use more web3 tools such as farcaster, with my personal account to share the links of the newsletter that are now in Paragraph, which can be minted in Base or Optimism.

I hope this can clarify the situation because our sister communities are Mexican and Spanish, in addition to sharing efforts, affection and we have even held several events with Latin American associations.

Without further ado, this is a bit of our journey and how public goods have kept us moving forward in this moment of construction, and with all the help of the community we are going to continue here growing and helping.


Just to clarify about these eight projects, they are all part of BanklessDAO International Media Nodes project, that is an incubator for start-up projects in different languages
It could be a bit harder to understand for an outsider, but all these projects are sharing BanklessDAO and Optimism vision with local communities, and basically all these projects are independent (in terms of content produced), but share same vision and mission to onboard as many new users as possible in crypto ecosystem, and Optimism, as part of broader ecosystem.

Since I am lead at Banklessadria, I could say about that one, and we are BanklessDAO IMN project genesis member, active for more than 2 years, without any interruption during bear market, covering Serbian and Croatian language, and providing content for Adria region, that includes Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia.
We are now trying to find funding outside from native DAO, to become self-sustainable


Dear Bankless Community and Optimism Collective,

I am writing to voice my support for Nación Bankless and to clarify its unique position within the larger Bankless ecosystem. Although it shares part of its name with other initiatives, Nación Bankless stands out with its team of Latino collaborators and a distinct set of objectives.

As a former champion who contributed to Nación Bankless until a year ago, I’ve witnessed firsthand the passion and commitment this team brings to their work. Their focus is on delivering high-quality content that not only educates but also deeply engages the Latino community, addressing their specific needs and cultural nuances.

The work done by the Nación Bankless team is a testament to the diversity and richness that specialized groups bring to our collective movement.

Even though my direct collaboration with them has ended, my support for their mission and achievements continues. They have made significant strides in advancing the Bankless and Optimism ethos and I’ve got no doubt they’re going to keep doing great things.


gm, Hiro here, the project champion for Bankless Publishing. We are an independent project formed in BanklessDAO, and have been shipping high-quality web3 educational content for over 30 months. We ship newsletters, such as State of the DAOs and the Layer 2 Review, and articles to an audience of 20k subscribers. Cheers!


Thanks for sharing this @CryptoReuMD, I hope so this help to the community to understand the differences to BanklessHQ (the podcast) and BanklessDAO (the organization).

I’m introduce myself, I’m René part of the SubDAO, Nación Bankless and leader of social media.


Hello @MS1 I am estha representing Bankless Malayalam. I just went through the confusion part. To say about Malayalam bankless, we are making content that reach to specific audience that speak malayalam language in India. Bankless is the vision we all carry in our contents. View our linktree here: Bankless Malayalam | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree . We have been in operation for the last 18 months. Navigating through our channels allows you to view the media materials that has been happening on our platform for the past several months, during which time weathering the bear market has been the hardest obstacle we have had to overcome. Funding is required for our bankless Malayalam to continue thriving and expanding in the current market.


Our project BanklessUA is dedicated to improving the Web3 ecosystem by fostering awareness and understanding of cryptocurrency within the Ukrainian-speaking community. We achieve this by providing educational resources, workshops, and content in Ukrainian, thereby contributing to a more informed and participative community within the blockchain and decentralized finance space.

We write and translate informational articles (substack), voice over informational videos in Ukrainian (youtube), create funny videos about the world of cryptocurrency (instagram), and communicate with our audience, helping them discover the world of Web3 (discord, telegram). All of this is done for Ukrainians who do not have the opportunity to Consume content in English.

Project believes in the liberating effect of going Bankless and what it can do for improving financial wellbeing and stability throughout the world. Creating and maintaining communities of people who do not speak English and educating them/opening the door for them to onboard on the Web3, is one of the most crucial pieces of infrastructure if we want the Web3 to be any different from Web2.

Why is our project needed? The language barrier is a significant obstacle for many individuals who want to learn about cryptocurrencies and participate in the Web3 revolution. While English-language resources are abundant, only 5% of the world’s population are native English speakers. By focusing on translating and distributing content about blockchain technology, DeFi, The Metaverse, and Web 3 in Ukrainian, we aim to reach the remaining 80% who do not have access to such information in their native language.

In this difficult time, our team is trying to help Ukrainian-speaking people to learn about the world of crypto finance. And make them a little richer in terms of knowledge about the crypto sector. Due to the historical location of Ukraine, many people have not had the opportunity to learn English, which makes it difficult to master the Web3 world. We want to help people discover this world in their native language. We never give financial advice, but work only to familiarize people with information and technical processes in Web3. During these difficult almost 2 years, we have translated over 230+ articles in various areas of blockchain, nft, defi, DAOs, metaverses on our substack blog