[PROPOSED] [Airdrop #2: More segmentation of contributor rewards]

  1. Airdrop 1 users who have not sold Airdrop 1 claim tokens +10 points

I disagree with this point. Just holding the airdrop does not contribute anything meaningful to the ecosystem and rewarding inactivity just incentivizes more inactivity. We want people to use the airdrop for something productive.

Not selling the airdrop is also not a good indication of support for Optimism, especially with current market conditions.


I think it should be extra points for people who gave liquidity to optimism. It is a real people who believe in optimism and they were ready to support optimism ecosystem. They did not sell optimism and they invest another token to create a pair. So, they are supporters!

I like the idea of segmentation. And I agree with most of your points. But is not easy at all.

  1. Gitcoin Donors (on L1)
  2. Multisig Signers
    3.Airdrop 1 users who have not sold Airdrop 1
    Above factors may be removed