Proposal to have a youtube channel for optimism to provide info in visual form for betterment of governance

Proposal for YouTube Channel Creation

Dear Team Optimism, in this age of digitalization, we need a channel on YouTube to explain our governance for each & everyone. As i believe average user interact with YouTube at least once a day. If we have our proposal made in audio/video form on our channel, it will compel user to join our governance & vote. Also, we will post info related to project.

So, i propose to create the channel & put step wise guideline for ease of the community. As i believe videos help you retain information longer.


I agree with this topic, I think it will be good to explain governance to new users. But, should this come from the OP Team? Or maybe we can propose a Core Unit (Like MakerGrowth for MakerDAO) for Marketing purposes, and the YouTube Channel will be one of their responsabilities.


This initiative will be very important for people who want to study how the optimism network works.


There is already an Optimism YouTube channel! We are trying to post more, but it takes a lot of time to make a high quality video that will stay relevant for a while.

TLDR; We are working on posting more, but the channel exists!

You can find it here:


YouTube can be a great place to learn more about any topic - both in and outside the Web3 world. It is great for visual and audio learners, allowing folks to multitask.

Creating a pipeline to onboard new users and educate existing ones seems beneficial, however, there is a great technical barrier to entry.

Knowledge of EVMs and traditional infrastructure (wallets, NFTs, exchanges) is required before transacting on Optimism; it’s difficult to go from “zero to hero.”

Monitoring expenditures across different DAOs and protocols, marketing is usually ignored.

I encourage the development of marketing resources and content production - especially with the use of Web2 tools - but to do so in a cost-conscious matter.

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