Polynya - Delegate Communication Thread

I have voted for the Bedrock upgrade proposal. I have commented on it here. While it’s acceptable for these types of proposals in an early beta stage, I would like to see upgrade proposals actually be upgrade proposals, rather than just a vote of confidence to Optimism Foundation to execute the upgrade. I’d also like to see more external audits, and a long duration on testnets, exceeding strict go-live criteria, before the upgrade is proposed. It should be the last thing that happens once the upgrade is 100% ready, and a successful proposal will in fact execute the upgrade rather than being just a vote. I know all of this will happen eventually, but as governance we need to keep the pressure on.

Separately, looking at the latest data on Dune, I continue to believe grants in their current form are largely ineffective, with few exceptions. Indeed, since the grants began, Arbitrum have actually extended their advantage significantly without any incentives. It’s still a reasonable way to distribute $OP to users, but really, I’d much rather see a drastic overhaul of $OP’s tokenomics in that case. Of course, there are targeted incentives are effective, but imo a vast majority simply do not for reasons discussed previously in this thread and elsewhere - particularly repeat grants.