[OUTLINE] Ethereum Signed Optimistic Vision

S4 Intent: #3 Spread Awareness of the Optimistic Vision
Proposed Mission: An Ethereum-signed version of the current Optimistic Vision with awareness driven through collective social reach and recorded as attestations.
Please explain how this Mission will help accomplish the above Intent: This mission outline is a call for feedback, collaborators and the technical skills to deliver the concept therefore the all details required to complete a formal [draft] proposal are yet to be determined. I hope this outline CC0 might present an opportunity to others in the community, happy to help if needed but this is public, forkable info.

Why: Our Collective Voice

The Optimistic Vision has inspired a diverse global community that underpins, supports and strengthens our shared Optimistic Vision. If “…small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system…” then what impact could 100, 1000,10,000 coordinated voices, proactively sharing our message have? Awareness

I believe our collective voice can best deliver impact through a coordinated, timebound social awareness campaign.The effort is proposed as entirely voluntary, however, on-chain signatures and attestation to record and quantify commitment to and alignment with the Optimistic Vision could in future contribute to (a possible prerequisite for) Citizen House membership

The challenge with incentivising awareness is that as a top-of-the-funnel initiative it is inherently difficult to attribute or quantify resulting impact without the type of comprehensive tracking tools that run somewhat counter to web3 ownership (data) and privacy values. And so I propose we establish a method to help quantify “awareness” that drives engagement and social reach. I suggest the following two tools could help us baseline “awareness of the vision” so that we can track future growth.

How: Tools to Quantify Awareness

1. An Ethereum-signed version of the Optimistic Vision to quantify commitment

”…crafting an Ethereum Signed Message of the whole text and storing it somewhere permanent so that it may be referenced as an ongoing part of the document’s shared history…” drawn from kernel.community on signature economies and A Declaration of Interdependence of CyberSpace

2. Attestation UI to enable us to record, report on and quantify efforts to raise "awareness"

What: Social Awareness Campaign #TheOptimisticVision

On Chain Vision

1. Go to Ethereum signed version of the Optimistic Vision 
2. Read Vision If you support the vision go to 3
3. Connect wallet + sign 
4. Share basic social commitment (optional)

On Chain Attestations

  1. Google form (database) captures required fields 1) URL 2) address
  2. Quality review process to assign attestation score
  3. EOM bulk upload attestation to category #TheOptimisticVision

Basic Social Commitment

1. Twitter connect & social share for on-chain Vision

Confirming my on-chain commitment to the Optimistic Vision [Link Ethereum Signed Version] Join us on a mission to recognise and reward the Impact of Public Goods #TheOptimisiticVision

Diverse Social Reach

Additionally, people can share perspectives on the Optimistic Vision in a Twitter thread including the tag #TheOptimisiticVision and [Link Ethereum Signed Version]. For delegates, this might be as simple as posting a TLDR of your delegate commitment that speaks to the vision. The point is to generate and incentivise diverse perspectives to expand social reach within a short period of time (weeks). Suggest this action would needed to be submitted, subject to quality review and assigned value based on quality measures (TBD)


Author Notes

Just my opinion but this feels like a public goods effort that could have longevity beyond S4. As I lack the technical skills I recognise that this may be much harder than it sounds. My reasoning for proposing is to find people with the skills and bandwidth for the work.

We have a community of thousands and if everyone spent 30 minutes I hope we could achieve significant social reach and “awareness” at minimal cost. Happy to be challenged on this. Moreover, I feel like Citizen House Attestation is a solid incentive and fair value exchange when it comes to generating broad “Awareness” for the vision.


  • Foundation support to share and communicate this as a collective effort
  • Foundation signal support of vision alignment as a potential factor for Citizen House members
  • Proactive participation from our leading delegates and community members (lead by example)
  • Identify means to limit attestation points accrued per annum to prevent SPAM

I would also value feedback on whether this the proposed social “awareness” campaign might be best led by the Foundation on behalf of the collective so a community X FDN type alliance.

How should Token House delegates measure progress towards this Mission:

  • Published Ethereum Signed version of Vision (this alone could be enough)
  • Published Form and databased for Social reach
  • Launched Campign
  • Completion of Attestation UI
  • Published Attestation

How should badge holders measure impact upon completion of this Mission?

  • S4 Total Number of Signatures
  • S4 Total points value of attestation earned towards this mission
  • Your own attestations earned towards this mission

Breakdown of Mission budget request

OP should cover where applicable

  • Gas Fees for signing
  • Gas Fees for storage
  • Gas Fees for Attestation

Retroactive or grant could cover work to

  • Develop Attestation UI w. category #TheOptimisiticVision, bulk upload and simple reporting capabilities
  • Publish a signable version of Vision with a social sharing trigger
  • Capture social sharing (form feeding database)
  • Define simple attestation scoring for social sharing, review and assign points
  • Upload attestations and report End of Season 4 on impact measures

Discussion also welcome via Discord

Really like this idea, it is deceptively simple in concept but could be a really good way to get people thinking about one of the main things that actually makes Optimism special, while showcasing a non-financial use of crypto that new users might not have encountered before.

My only concern is whether by covering gas and offering a reward (even if just an attestation) it might end up being botted (in a similar way to the ongoing KZG ceremony on mainnet, which has had over 100k ‘contributors’, presumably because someone imagined there would be a reward linked to it in the future and it costs nothing to do). As well as the downside of reducing the value of the attestation, this would also remove the possibility of using the data on the number of signers to talk about the real engagement with the OP Vision.

In my opinion either adding some kind of Sybil resistance mechanism; or making the user pay a token amount; or removing the attestation aspect, would make this a stronger idea. Happy to be persuaded otherwise though as maybe I’m being overly cynical!


Appreciate the constructive feedback. Thank you!
Sorry, I don’t really understand ‘bottled up’ is that like ‘captured’?

I would pay gas fees, but thinking of some communities I support (+5k members) affordability - even at the value of cents on the dollar - presents a barrier to capturing a truly global audience (baseline).

Recognise a manual submit > review > bulk upload process could be a complete nightmare yet this was intended as some form of quality assurance and sybil defence.

Q In my experience, Gitcoin Passport keeps evolving from strength to strength with each funding round. Could that be adapted to work for this?

Interested to better understand this concern

struct AttestationData {
    address about2
    bytes32 key;
    bytes val;

Based on my interaction with v0 (no knowledge of v1) and given we can

  1. set a comparatively low value
  2. assign a category to represent intent

Q Is not even minimal time to collectively “Raise Awareness for the Optimistic Vision” as per Collective Intent 3 of some quantifiable value in constructing a decentralized identity that can effectively scale and adapt to the evolving needs of Citizen House?

“…Identity is a fundamental aspect of human experience that encompasses the relationships, interests, and values that define individuals and groups…”

Agree attestation is not required and may be an especially weak use case. My thinking was that the Optimistic Vision seems like the best opportunity to attest to individual and collective values that define Optimists. Admittedly it’s also me looking for ways to effectively quantify awareness and engagement given we won’t drop tracking cookies on people

Covering gas and offering a reward would remove the possibility…?
This is an “I don’t know what I don’t know situation…” and keen to understand why or how.
Some kind of false correlation?

I imagined that any attestation specific to the action “Signed Commitment to the Optimistic Vision” would source data (signatures) directly from the Ethereum Signed Version. A redundancy, to try build identity sets.

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Sorry, I don’t really understand ‘bottled up’ is that like ‘captured’?

Apologies, that wasn’t very clear! I meant ‘used a lot by automated reward farming accounts’.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am very keen on your idea. As you say it definitely seems like it would contribute to spreading the Optimisitc Vision. I am just aware that anything that is seen to have value, but has no cost to attain seems to get huge numbers of interactions from bot accounts, which it would be better to avoid…

This is an “I don’t know what I don’t know situation…” and keen to understand why or how.
Some kind of false correlation?

Yea, all I mean is that if you could do this in a way that avoided Sybils/bots then the result would be a (rough) count of the number of people in the community that align with the vision. That data point (the count of signers) becomes less meaningful the larger the fraction of signers that are just reward farming bots/Sybils.

Either of your ideas regarding using Gitcoin Passport, or just setting a low value of the attestation would help with this, those are exactly the kinds of things I was thinking of!

Recognise a manual submit > review > bulk upload process could be a complete nightmare yet this was intended as some form of quality assurance and sybil defence.

I agree that manual submission/review would be a nightmare, I don’t think it would be sensible to commit to that without having a good estimate of the numbers of submissions you might be dealing with!

I would pay gas fees, but thinking of some communities I support (+5k members) affordability - even at the value of cents on the dollar - presents a barrier to capturing a truly global audience (baseline).

That’s a really good point, if we want maximum inclusion then you’re right, it makes sense to have zero cost to users.

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Hi @lee0007! Not sure if this is meant to start a conversation or be a completed Mission proposal. It seems like there is support for this intiative, so if you would like to submit it as a Mission Proposal under Intent #3, please make sure it follows the template by June 21st at 19:00 GMT so it may be considered by delegates to move to a vote :slight_smile:

Just a convesation. Typically I am not a fan of posting half baked ideas but when I reached out to @soyboy (due to his work w attestation station) he suggested sharing in the forum might help find the technical people needed. I went with that advice because he knows significantly more than I do about attestations and the people building in this space.