[DRAFT] Giveth: Unleashing the power of Impact DAOs

S4 Intent 3: Spread Awareness of the Optimistic Vision

Proposed Mission: Unleashing the power of Impact DAOs: Fueling Optimism’s mission to create a public goods ecosystem of positive social and environmental impact through innovative DAOs.

Proposal Tier: Phoenix
We were successful with our grants in the Retro PGF in Optimism’s last cycle and won 129,814 OP.

Baseline grant amount: 90,000 OP*

  • Based on our discussions with Ethereum Foundation, they are also interested in co-funding this project. If our grant with Optimism passes, we can launch this project in full scope and ensure its success in the full scope that is intended.

% of total available Intent Budget: 9%

Please check here if access to upfront capital is a barrier to completing your Mission and you would like to be considered for a small upfront cash grant: Yes

Alliance name: Giveth

Alliance Lead: Guil

Contact info: Telegram: @metaguil / Twitter: @guil_is / Discord: guil.is

L2 recipient address: 0xCB4B4F72427209Fd065717680178900ED6FB3064

Please list the members of your Alliance and link to any previous work:

  • Guil - Guil is an experienced Creative Director with a proven track record of overseeing and guiding the entire creative process. With a diverse set of skills in art direction, branding design, videography, and copywriting, Guil creates captivating content. Specializing in digital marketing, Guil designs engaging marketing materials, videos, and websites. Currently, Guil serves as the Creative Director at General Magic and contributes to Giveth, Regens Unite, and Chinwags.

  • Tamara - As the Co-Founder of Commons Stack, Tamara brings over 25 years of delivering digital media products and mission critical programs, leading globally-distributed teams and ensuring high-caliber execution. Previous experience includes: Managing Consultant at Capgemini, Program Manager at TheStreet, Project Manager at Google and Associate Director at Sony Music. In addition, she has been a member of the Advisory Board for the International School of Management since 2016. Outside of her professional commitments, Tamara founded a Paris based knowledge exchange in 2015, manifesting her passion for fostering global intellectual communities.

  • Mitch - Junior Solidity Developer and DAO Ops Steward at Giveth. He has been leading the organization and evolution of Giveth Governance for the last 2 years. Mitch has actively built and provided advisory on Reward Systems to projects such as Bankless DAO, Token Engineering Commons, DappNode and Shapeshift.

  • Lauren - Giveth product lead and communications advisor. She led the development and launch of several major Giveth products and campaigns including the GIVeconomy, GIVbacks, GIVpower, and RegenFarms. She’s been an important leader and steward of the Giveth DAO since 2020, sharing the Giveth vision through talks and debates at conferences all around the world. She’s passionate about making real-world impact web3 and has a knack for solving problems.

  • Ashley - Plays a significant role at Giveth by taking care of various tasks such as Stewarding the Communitas working group, facilitating AMAs, ensuring smooth GIVbacks rounds, coordinating Impact Quests, managing email issues, onboarding nonprofits, and leading community building calls. She also actively participates in project verification, maintaining the integrity of the GIVbacks program and providing support and resources to the community. Ashley is known for her dedication, resourcefulness, and diplomacy in her work, making her a valuable contributor to Giveth’s growth and success.

  • Nikola - Actively serving as a member of the Verification team, DAO ops, Community builder, and Steward of Conflict Resolution in Giveth. Nikola is trained in mediation by Gravity DAO where she actively participates as an advisor. Her previous role as the secretary of the board for a Costa Rican association focused on permaculture, education, and sustainable living further highlights her commitment to community-driven initiatives and effective governance.

  • Griff Green - Advisor. Co-founder of Giveth, Commons Stack, Praise, General Magic & DAppNode; Top Steward in ENS, Gitcoin, Optimism, TEC as well as many other Ethereum community projects. Been DAOing his heart out since 2015.

Please explain how this Mission will help accomplish the above Intent:

Missions under this intent should work to make the Optimism Collective widely known as an ecosystem that fosters public goods and regenerative finance – an ecosystem ultimately working towards the creation of a new economic model. Increased awareness should onboard new people, DAOs, builders, and partners who are passionate about our vision and values to the ecosystem, some of which may be outside Web3.

This grant proposal aims to spread awareness of the optimistic vision within the Optimism and Ethereum ecosystem by developing a comprehensive 3-month educational course to turn impact projects into DAOs on Optimism. The course will empower public goods-focused projects to establish their own Impact DAOs, leveraging attestations & soul-bound tokens on Optimism to drive positive social and environmental impact.

Through targeted educational resources, workshops, and community-building initiatives, this grant will advance the understanding and adoption of decentralized governance and regenerative finance, contributing to the growth of the concept that impact = profit and creating opportunity for new economic models to grow on Optimism.

If this grant is funded, nonprofit/public goods-focused projects from inside and outside the web3 space will have an easy path towards becoming a DAO on Optimism. Below are a few selected projects that our team has shortlisted to be part of the course program so far.

These projects have expressed great interest to be part of the first cohort:

  • Diamante Luz Center for Regenerative Living
    An eco-village of nomadic co-creators at the beginning stages of development with many opportunities for regenerative investment for the benefit of future generations. Their aim is integration of permaculture and shared common land-based resources.

  • Urbanika and the SolarPunk awakening
    Immersive school teaching about the intersection of Web 3.0 and regenerative urban governance. They use innovative methods of teaching to bring inspiration and knowledge on alternative ways of governance, management, and relating through their education program.

  • ReCommon
    They focus on larger projects that combine the community land trust model of land tenure with regenerative agriculture, permaculture, natural building, rural development, good urbanism and web3 technology to support the resilient place-based communities of our future.

  • Vivero
    Vivero serves as a community-funded treasury, enabling participatory budgeting and community-led giving and grantmaking toward individuals, fellowships, projects, and social enterprises. By leveraging a community investment (staking) position as a ground layer for their grantmaking pool and community treasury allows Vivero to be regenerative.

What makes your Alliance well-suited to execute this Mission?

Our organization has incredible access to experts in the space. There are very few DAO experts with higher regard than our founder Griff Green. Because of our long history and connections to rescuing TheDAO, Parity Multisig, and various other at-risk funds in Ethereum, we have a wide network of smart contract experts and general web3 experts across all disciplines.

The course will consist of interactive workshops led by experienced web3 practitioners such as Griff Green, Livia & Tam from Commons Stack, Zakku from Coordinape, Michael Zargham & Jeff Emmett from Blockscience, and others depending on their availability. Workshops will be well-prepared and include group exercises on Miro boards.

Please list the critical milestone(s) that should be tracked to determine if you should receive your grant in one year: Critical milestone(s) demonstrates the proposal has been executed (a clawback is possible for failure to execute on critical milestones)

The full breakdown can be reviewed here:

Milestone 1
Develop a system for giving attestations for all the donors on Giveth.
Est Delivery: Aug 23
Total cost: 15,000 OP

Milestone 2
Enable DAOs to manage their project with their DAO, including donations, updates, and project descriptions.
Est Delivery: Sept 6
Total cost: 7500 OP

Milestone 3
Create a way for people with attestations to claim reputation tokens on Optimism on their Giveth Project page. Projects that want to launch an Impact DAO can opt in to distribute reputation tokens to those who donate (and get an attestation from Giveth) as well as for other attestations and the tokens would be claimed via the Giveth Project page on Optimism.
Est Delivery: Sept 20
Total cost: 7500 OP

Milestone 4
Have a finalized outline of the syllabus and course work and have at least 1 rough cut of a course completed, and all the infrastructure work done so we can execute on the course.
Est Delivery: Sept 20
OP Reward: 60,000 OP

The above milestones are what we can complete before the Sept 20th deadline. The following we intend to do after Sept 20th:

Milestone 5
Conduct workshops and 1-on-1 sessions to ensure that we have an alpha cohort of nonprofits that are fully prepared to participate in the program.
Est Delivery: Oct 18

Milestone 6
Soft launch the coursework with the video training program and give our alpha cohort of nonprofits hands-on instruction to ensure that they are fully prepared to participate in the program and get feedback on how the course can be improved. Anyone will have access to the coursework, but we will not promote it.
Est Delivery: Oct 25

Milestone 7
Revise the materials as needed and publish the finalized coursework in our web portal and promote it. Well-documented course materials including final video lectures from the 3-month course will be available on our webportal. Future public goods projects can complete the interactive coursework on this website and launch their Impact DAOs.
Est Delivery: Feb 21

How should Token House delegates measure progress towards this Mission: These should focus on progress towards completion. Including expected completion dates for each is recommended.

This ambitious undertaking unites multiple teams, project managers, and industry experts with a shared mission to create a lasting and transformative impact. Through this project, our aim is to cultivate a comprehensive knowledge base that empowers future public goods entities to confidently launch their own DAOs and navigate the Optimism ecosystem with ease.

To embark on this grand project, Giveth relies on the support of Optimism. With this grant, we envision the launch of a project that will not only attract more public goods initiatives to the network but also spread the optimistic vision to a broader audience, inspiring greater participation and collaboration. Our team has more DAO experience than nearly anyone in the web 3.0 ecosystem and with your support, we strive to spread our knowledge and help more projects and public goods to benefit from these economic and governance models.

How should badgeholders measure impact upon completion of this Mission? These should be focused on performance and may be used by badgeholders to assess your Misson’s impact in the next round of RetroPGF.

The current plan for the syllabus of the course can be reviewed here, but it is likely to change drastically as the DAO space moves very quickly: Impact DAO training course

The tangible results and deliverables per each milestone will be publicly online and available based on the course timeline outlined in the document.

For measurable success criteria, we should consider the use of attestations on Giveth and the success rates through the course:

  • Number of attestations for donors on Giveth
  • Number of attestations given by Giveth projects for contributing in non-financial ways
  • Number of projects that are using DAOs to manage their Giveth project
  • Number of visitors to the course’s web portal
  • Number of projects that started the course independently of Giveth’s direct support
  • Number of projects that started the course with of Giveth’s support
  • Number of projects that started the course independently of Giveth’s direct support
  • Number of projects that presented an Impact DAO design
  • Number of projects that completed the course
  • Number of projects that successfully launched an Impact DAO on Optimism

I confirm that my grant will be subject to clawback for failure to execute on critical milestones: Yes

I confirm that I have read and understand the grant policies: Yes

I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the Optimism Foundation to receive this grant: Yes

I understand that I will be expected to following the public grant reporting requirements outlined here: Yes


Hey @Guil, Thanks for this proposal! Great to see you’re thinking about driving impact on Optimism.

This introduction is very focused on the educational course that will be provided, while later sections go into way more detail on technical implications (e.g “Technical infrastructure for Token Reputation distribution”, “​​back-end and front-end developers, UX designer, project manager, QA & testers”).

It seems like Milestone 5 “Finalization and launching the course work” is making up a lot of the work for this mission. I think it would be worth clarifying if the goal here is to run a 3-month course with ca. 5 impact DAOs, or if the goal is to publish an online course to reach many more projects.

That’s cool, would strongly recommend SBT leverage the Attestation Station so they’re interoperable with the impact/reputation system in Optimism governance!

On “How should badgeholders measure impact upon completion of this Mission?”:
Here some measurable success criteria could be helpful, e.g. number of projects that completed the course, number of projects that presented an impact DAO design, number of projects that successfully launched an impact DAO, visitors of the interactive website, etc.


The goal is to launch the video course for all to use and to reach projects we are not in touch with. This will be a webportal and we will add some features to Giveth, both of which will need solid UX research and dev execution (our audience is only web3 curious, not web3 native so it takes some thought! But we have demand from a few projects on Giveth so we want to work closely with those 5 future-DAOs to validate the course and make updates to the course if needed. We can try to make that more clear. Thank you for the feedback!

Great idea! We can absolutely do that! I think we can add it in without increasing the cost, because it should be pretty easy to add an attestation step to our SBT distribution. It wasn’t included originally because we haven’t found a way to vote with attestations yet, and we want them to have functional DAOs on Optimism, but adding attestations at the start will future proof the project for sure, and actually I think we can add attestations for all Giveth donors, and then allow SBTs to be claimed by people with attestations. That would be a nice flow.

Good call, those are obvious metrics that we should include! We will edit the draft. :+1:


We talked to the team about including attestations as a core component of the reputation generation, and honestly, the team LOVED it! It enables us to have a baseline for the generation of reputation tokens that can come from financial and nonfinancial contributions. Eventually we can make the Giveth project page mint reputation tokens based on a variety of attestations.

Also thank you @Jonas for the suggestions on the benchmark question, we realized that we misinterpreted what was being asked in that question and that we could really improve the format of the proposal.

The total amount requested is the same but we broke up a few of the milestones to be more granular and clear about what we are delivering. So while it may look like the proposal has changed a lot, the project’s output has not changed in any material way, other than the addition of attestations on Giveth.

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Hi @Guil! Wanted to make sure you were aware of the Optimism Season 4 Pitching Sessions to help find the 4 delegate approvals you’ll need by this Wednesday at 19:00 GMT for your proposal to move to a vote.

These sessions are happening in Discord on Monday, 26.06 2pm ET / 6pm GMT / 8pm CET and Tuesday, 27.06 11am ET / 3pm GMT / 5pm CET.

You can sign-up here!

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My vote probably doesn’t count here, but bringing easy DAOification to Public Goods projects on Optimism sounds like an important step in the effort towards Impact = Profit!

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power , and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


Giveth is definitely one of the projects that has helped DAOs and communities like us the most. As an OP delegate, we support this proposal even though we do not have enough vote power.


Sorry not to see this proposal advance to voting it was my #1 pick, for this intent. I thought this was a no-brainer given the purpose here is incredibly well-aligned with Vision and mission to advance and fund public goods…

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