OPTIMISM x MUSIC - Delegate Communication Thread

Welcome to Optimism x Music Discord!

Optimism x Music is a web3 musical guild. Our goal is to create awareness/knowledge about the Optimism and OPxM as well as helping to build a new music ecosystem for the artists!

Our primary goal is to facilitate the onboarding of new web2 musicians to, the Optimism ecosystem. We aim to create a smooth process that anyone can use to onboard people and to utilize bounties as a part of our overarching strategy for incentivization.

Our Vision

The traditional music industry is not bad, but i wonder why many artists always have issues with their record label at the end of the day, especially in Africa. Well iโ€™m related to thousands of them and I can understand their experiences. Many of them ends up depressed while still in contract, because the label determines when to drop their songs, some are already broke due to the inability to monetize their talents & canโ€™t be on the street to hustle because of their reputation, many are secretly looking for a way out, this experience is what i can also relate with. Which made me realise, lowkey everyone wanna be independent but doesnโ€™t have the resources .

But however i want yโ€™all to know that optimism cares, and wanna make creating of audio NFTs easy for you which you can always earn royalties directly into their Wallet, sell your music on the OP marketplace, perform on the metaverse & get paid e.tc


-We tend to onboard music creatives, for as many as possible

-To create alot of music and art content with all our existing and new members into the Guild

-Collaborates with celebrities and influencers (Male & Female).

-Creating opportunities for all our musical artists to perform their songs at physical concerts and get paid and booked with OP tokensi.e ( our music artists can only be booked with OP tokens any one interested 'em with be put through guidelines of having Optimism wallet and funding it to be a ble to pay.

-Mandating buy of artists NFTs also as means of booking.

-Making Optimism x Music a top NFTs company in Africa, where collectors can easily think of first when it comes to investing in NFTs

Link to Previous proposal :point_down:

Previous Proposal

Special thanks to all our community members for their utmost support!

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