1/1 NFT platform to appeal to fine arts

Been using of Optimism for a couple years now. Have been trying to get an artist communities to embrace Optimism because of the cheap fees and fast transportations. Unfortunately they are stuck on the NFT marketplace paradigm. I know Manifold has launched on OP but is there any marketplaces like Foundation or Known Origin that exists or just getting ready to release on Optimism?
Thajks in advance

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Here is an open source project deployment guide for Optimism using Thirdweb.

It cost less than a dollar to deploy your own smart contract on optimism network.

You can use this to deploy your own project and embed the module for minting directly onto your own website or multiple websites if you are working with a group of other artists…!!

They also have a great split contract for royalty redistribution payment systems to be created in order to split primary and secondary sales to the team and the people who are involved with the project…!

Here are relevant links :link: for you.

NFT Drop

SPLIT Contract

Here is a preview of what it looks like on our website for one of our current projects… This is all done with third web…

Using their smart contract deployment and a simple embed code…!

Of course the screenshot is about a project on PGN / Public Goods Network.

Which is also an another chain that is built with the OP stack and has the ethos of public goods you should look into…!

In fact, you can actually use third web to deploy on over 700 different EVM chains. :chains:

So if you want to deploy on optimism and base and PGN, you can go straight super chain vibes!

Here is information on this as well.



We hope this helps!!! :kiss::kiss::kiss:


I appreciate the response. I’m aware of Third Web and I mentioned Manifold as well. I personally believe people should create their own smaet contracts for their content. Unfortunately the group I’m dealing with is still of the believe of needing a Known Origin or Objekt type Marketplace. I’m continually met with this brock wall when I suggest people should look into minting on Optimism. So I was wondering if there were any about to be released or if OP incentivized Foundation or Known Origin to expand to OP stack

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Not quite yet. Personally we have a dev team who is working on a niche creator platform but have yet to deploy the MVP on Mainnet.

It seems that the 1/1 art :framed_picture: world definitely deserves some OP love. :heartpulse: Who knows maybe someone will hop on it & integrate with Optimism. That would be great. The more creators the better.

Bummping in hopes that 4844 may habe spirred some more development on this front

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