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Dear Optimism Community.

I appreciate all the active delegators and participants in this forum and discord.

The biggest problem in DAOs like us, is voter apathy. We can do everything we want here, but if only a tiny fraction of our tokens are being used for its sole purpose: governance, we are still not making big progress.

May I humbly suggest (will be happy to take lead too) the following:

  1. Optimism Media House (Possibly in partnership with other media DAOs like BanklessDAO)
  • Create a weekly “general” newsletter, and a “governance update” newsletter.
    → This is for increased engagement, and to summarise topics for busy people.
  • From these newsletters, spin off 3 twitter threads per week.
    → For increased reach
  • (Stretch Goal) Podcast / Video content.
  1. Optimism Research House
  • We need to measure and collect data on voters apathy, and keep that as a key DAO metric / KPI.
  • (Stretch Goal) Intervention studies
    → Do A-B testing for specific interventions that increase voting participation.

Please pardon me if I have repeated what other delegates have written, I definitely have not read ALL of the content here and in discord.


This is an excellent idea. The governance on Optimism is interesting and we should advocate that it is in the interest of everybody to participate.

For info, in my own newsletter (https://optimismbysublidefi.substack.com/) i always cover governance news and updates.

I’m still thinking how to move forward from there.

Any idea would be lovely to hear…


wonderful! subscribed!

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